Children of Wrath

blogazeroth_badgeIt’s time for a Blog Azeroth Shared topic! I haven’t done one in a long time so here we go. Starman of Casual Raid Leader asks:


What things will the Children of Wrath never see? What aspects of the world will they miss? What aspects will have changed so dramatically that they have no concept of things we speak of?

Now, you already likely know that I’m from “Classic WoW” meaning Ive been playing since release. Four years of WoW Goodness (Happy Belated Birthday, WoW, btw). There are many things I’ve experienced and seen, that previously the BC Babies didn’t get to know, and now the Children of Wrath, (CoWs? LOL) Will never know, either.  So here’s my list of things that the CoWs will never know…


  1. The joys of REAL world PvP, like the constant battle between Tarren Mill and Southshore. Before there were battlegrounds, there was just…. killing.
  2. On the note of World PvP, you’ll never have to see an entire 40 man raid get wiped out on it’s way into Molten Core
  3. Or know having a 40 man raid zone out of Blackwing Lair, to find themselves faced with a different 40 man about to go on. Mass killing ensues.
  4. They’ll never know what it was like getting Mind Controlled into the hot firey lavas of Blackrock Mountain.
  5. When BRD was Endgame. and 10 man.
  6. Same for LBRS and UBRS…. even Strat and Scholo used to host more then five. We freaked and wondered how it would be possible to do it with five.
  7. The warlock epic mount quest. It was so epic, and now… its trainable.
  8. When WSG came out, and the wait was HOURS to get in. And you had to queue at the portal. Bet the CoWs don’t know where it is.
  9. And then came Arathi Basin, and it was more of the same.
  10. And then, AV! 40 mans against the opposing faction of your own server! The queues were super long, and the battles went on for days! You could log out and come back the next day to the same battle. Exalted in one go, and you’d find out later who eventually won in the realm forums.
  11. AV AFKers

    AV AFKers

    Speaking of AV, you’ll never know how it evolved. Epic Long battles with NPCs and fighting on the bridge, to mass races of who can kill the boss first, to MASSIVE AFK fests, to what it is now.

  12. Peeling the Onion, find it, and read it.
  13. They’ll never know the joys of the Happy Fun Rock.
  14. Bag space management! You’ll have the biggest bags ever! And not have to carry your pets/mounts in it. Also, clams didn’t used to stack!
  15. When cooked foods didn’t have stats
  16. and Dishonorable Kills were, ZOMG the end of all
  17. When Major City Raids were a common occurance
  18. and Onyxia attunement was way long and hard to do
  19. The AQ world event, and the opening of the Gates!
  20. The lagging and crashing of The Burning Crusade during its first few days
  21. The joy of having EVERY SINGLE PERSON on your server in the same zone, at the same time. (Hellfire, I mean)
  22. The server upgrades Blizz did, the massive server queues that came because of it, and having your battlegroup taken down for two days.
  23. The joys of the craptastic grind fest that was 1-70, there were no experience nerfs upon realease of The Burning Crusade
  24. The fun of going from hard core 40 man raids, to not so hardcore 10 mans.

    MC Raiders

    MC Raiders

  25. Learning Karazhan
  26. Being killed by Garrote AFTER Moroes died.
  27. Experiencing first hand all the lore that has lead us to where we are today.
  28. Attunements. Long ones.
  29. Rep Grinds, harsh, horrible rep grinds.
  30. The horrible killing spree that was grinding for the Forumla: Enchant Bracers Spellpower
  31. The fun of Doomwalker…. and Doom Lord Kazzak
  32. The Sunwell event, and the introduction of dailys
  33. Classic WoWers had to really work for gold, BC Babies were introduced to Dailies late in the game, CoWs will never know that gold doesn’t rain from the sky.
  34. Gold Spam. In tells.
  35. The fights for Halaa
  36. Primal Farming…
  37. Having to farm mobs relentlessly (or instances) for that one profession pattern.
  38. The 75 or so runs to get that Sun Eater for you or your tank.

    Sun Eater Runs

    Sun Eater Runs

  39. The shock that was Heroics.
  40. The having to choose PvP or PvE and stick to it, cause you couldn’t go back to PvP once you left it.
  41. They’ll never know Halloween without the Headless Horseman.
  42. Nor what it really means to… loot the damn Dogs.
  43. Finkle’s Skinner…
  44. Leeroy Jenkins…
  45. The Ony Wipe Movie isn’t quite so funny.
  46. And the grind for fire resist gear is not what it was.

This list could actually go on and on…. but you get the idea. Some of these you can still go back and do, but it just isn’t the same. The Children of Wrath will never know the things that the BC Babies now have notched into their belts… just as the BC babies will never know mine. But new memories will be made, and it wont be too long before another group of WoW descendants are born. For now, Welcome to the New Era, and enjoy the bright shiny new world, Children of Wrath.

Good Job, Bliz


The Nexus

The Nexus

No really, this isn’t a crack shot. It takes a lot of work to keep a game of this scale running. I think Blizzard did a superb job with the transistion from TBC to WotLK. I’ve only experienced minimal lag. The frusterating things I HAVE encountered have been no fault of blizzard’s, unless you count making a game so awesome it attracts so many people that mobs are no where to be found and queues are sky high. In fact, thats what I’m doing right now…. waiting for my turn in the queue. We didn’t used to have a queue, now we have one 1000+. It’s mildly frusterating but I’m sure it will dwindle soon. Anyways, Pallylust is level 71. We already have a few 80s on our server but I am so through rushing it. I’ve taken my time, been playing with my hubby, and even fit in an instance. The zones are beautiful and the small details

The Nexus

The Nexus

go far. I specially love the death effect of some mobs, where they hit the ground and explode into dust upon impact. It’s a nice touch. And if you happen to do an instance, the Nexus is very pretty and a nice easy one to start with. I went last night and healed it with only one wipe, most of the trash mobs were cake. I also took some time to level fishing up a bit, and am LOVING the stat food available to me. I’ve got quite the to-do list still though.


So on that note, Im gonna go attempt to level some more.


I am all kinds of prepared for the expansion. I know which toon I’m going to level first, I know the second, the third and even the fourth. I have ideas for how I will go about leveling… and I know what professions I am going to focus on first… but for the week we have left of TBC? I haven’t a clue.

I have a few options at my disposal… including working on achievements, leveling the lower alts some more, and touching up on last minute things, like my fishing skills. However, can’t seem to dedicate myself to just one thing. This is actually why I have so many alts in the first place. I can’t ever decide what to do with them. 

Speaking of decisions, the US has spoken and Barack Obama is our new president. I am not surprised at all, and I am not upset by it. I did not get to vote this year so really, I don’t have any right to complain anyways, but I thought I’d share in case you didn’t know. Here’s to hoping for great things these next four years from America’s first African American President. 

Other then that, I got nothin’

Two More Weeks…

Well, actually 13 more days, but you get the idea. Hubby and I went down to Wal-Mart to ensure the shipment would arrive on time to our tiny island in Alaska. We’re glad we did. Turns out Wal-Mart was late in placing the order and the expansion would not arrive on the island in time. At first, we fretted. No matter where we order from the game would show up late. However, we had a stroke of luck.

A friend told Hubby that our local movie rental store Movie Gallery, was going to take preorders for the game. We showed up and placed our orders. Upon ordering, we asked if they would be having a midnight release party. At first they said no, but Garen and I worked some magic and they agreed! So if you read this blog and live in the Ketchikan, Alaska area, come on down to Movie Gallery for the Midnight Release!

I hope I see you there!

Zombies, Emperors, and Giants! Oh My!

Zombies @ the Flight Master

Zombies @ the Flight Master

Im sure many of you have noticed the zombies by now. They want your brains. If they get you, soon you too will be craving brains as well, unless you meet up with an Argent Healer before you turn. If you do turn, you can pass on the disease to other players and NPCs also. Sound familiar? Thats because back before TBC there was the ZG aids, which was taken away due to the killing of many many lowbies. Now there are healers next to flight points, which will help prevent you from spreading the plague to other zones, but they sometimes end up with more then they can heal…. Either way, the signs are here, Arthas is on his way… are you prepared? (Ha ha ha, Im so funny!)

I logged in last night intending to farm some Cenarion Circle Rep and Runecloth but ended up instead running Fimly’s lowbies and Lady Jess’ alt into BRD with some help from the hubby. Its been a long time since I actually had to do some quests in there and we ended up backtracking a time or two…. but there was very little dying until I had to go AFK and came back to a dead me and a dead hubby priest. By then though we’d been in a few hours and we were getting tired. I believe Fim finished at least five quests. Jess had never seen the place before so I tried to give her what lore I could remember.

During the run however, I walked out with several stacks of runecloth, and took a moment to knock Jack the Pumpkin King off his throne. All in all I hadn’t forgotten how to do most of the instance, and only got lost once on my way back to the bar from the top of the arena event. 

I’ve still got a whole bucket of stuff to do, and with Christmas fast approaching I have that to worry about too. CC rep is still on the top of the list, which when done, will give me like 23 more reputations to grind to exalted. 20 mounts bought, 30 more to go, and the halloween achievements still require attention. I’ll get on that, right after I finish running the Hunter Duo around for their candy bucket XP.

I had pictures for you but due to an unexpected computer error, it will have to wait.

Three Point Oh Has Landed

Its black tuesday, and a long one at that. While waiting for the servers come back up, I’ve been giving some thought to my toons. Pally right now is a Holy Paladin with decent healing gear and even better tanking gear. Poofnstab is a Sub Rogue spec’d into shadowstep which I really love. I believe for pally, Im going to leave her as holy, and I was going to use the second spec to store prot…. but while I am leveling I guess I will store ret. As for Poof, she’ll have Shadowstep stored, along with Combat spec for raids. I have not yet decided how the points will go. I guess I will play with it for a bit and post what I settle on when I am done.

As for my precious UI? Oh man was it involved, here let me show you what all I had running (this list does not include the Libs for the mods)

Full UI

Full UI

Auction, Mail, and Inventory: 

  • AckisRecipeList – When this mod is run with a tradeskill window open, it will list all of the recipes for that tradeskill you don’t have and how to get them. UPDATED FOR 3.0
  • AHSearch – Allows for quick access to commonly looked up items, filtered into user-defined categories. 
  • Combuctor – All-in-one bag replacement for your bags and bank. UPDATED FOR 3.0
  • Postal – Allows for quick mailing of items to last recipient (alt-click item in inventory) and bulk open/mail. 
  • Examiner – Provides more information when you inspect someone (i.e. total armor, spell dmg, etc). UPDATED FOR 3.0 (TEST PHASE)
  • FastDisenchant – Auto-loots disenchant and prospecting windows. 
  • Fence – Adds some keyboard shortcuts to speed up auctioning. 
  • Outfitter – Allows you to configure and swap out predefined gear sets (i.e. tank, dps, resistance, etc) and will equip/unequip items on events (such as spirit gear during Evocate or Riding Crop when mounted). UPDATED FOR 3.0
  • PotentialProfit – Displays bid/buyout totals for your auctions in the auction window.
  • qAHImproved – Remembers the last price items were auctioned for and add a per/item column for stackable items. 
  • Skillet – Replaces the existing tradeskill window with a much more intuitive and filterable one. 
  • tekKompare – Compare moused-over or linked items to your own. 

Solo UI

Solo UI

Combat, Casting, and Buffs: 

  • Antagonist – Enemy timer bars for mob spell/ability cooldowns (bottom-right under HUD) 
  • DaHud – Heads-up-display that shows player health and mana/rage, as well as target health and mana/rage in side-by-side vertical bars with percentages. 
  • Autobar – Configurable button bar that allows quick use of all items you’re carrying in specified categories (i.e. food/water, mana/health pots, food buffs, etc) 
  • Elkano Buff Bars – Bars with timers for player buffs, debuffs, and weapon enchants. UPDATED FOR 3.0
  • Clique – Allows you to bind spells/abilities/macros to button presses (supports modifier keys like Shift, Alt) UPDATED FOR 3.0 
  • Chronometer – Timers for effects/abilities that are currently active, such as Root, Winters Chill, Sunder, etc (bottom-left under HUD). 
  • GrimReaper – Detailed combat info on what happened to someone.
  • Hourglass2 – Self timer bars for your own spell/ability/trinket cooldowns (bottom-center under HUD). 
  • MobHealth – Estimates target’s total hitpoints based on damage done and displays max/remaining hitpoints on the health bar. 
  • Quartz – Player and enemy castbar (also displays latency on player castbar for use with stopcasting macros). 
  • Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text – Will display damage/heals/effects that you receive and perform around the HUD. 
  • ZOMGBuffs – Easy assignment and performing of buffs for you/party/raid. Will also buy reagents based on you what specify.
  • SpellBinder – Allows you to map spells and macros directly to keystrokes without wasting actionbar space. 

Class Specific: 


  • Fizzwidget’s Feed-o-matic – Allows you to choose criteria for food choice and bind a key to quickly feed your pet. UPDATED FOR 3.0
  • Fizzwidget’s Hunter Helper – Shows you what skills are trainable by an animal in the tooltip when you mouseover them. 
  • Fubar_PetinfoFu – Quickly shows a great deal of info about your pet(s). UPDATED FOR 3.0


  • GrimoireKeeper – Keeps track of what Grimoires you’ve purchased and reflects that when you’re at the vendor. 

Chat Frame, Minimal

Chat Frame, Minimal

Informational and Misc: 

  • ACP – Adds an option to the in-game menu for loading/unloading addons specific to that character (supports load-on-demad mods) and also adds a reloadui button. 
  • Align – Gives you a grid to help align UI elements. 
  • Aloft – Allows you to replace the existing overhead nameplates with much more informative and configurable ones. UPDATED FOR 3.0 (BETA PHASE)
  • AMP – Answering machine that notifies you of any missed tells or AH updates while you were AFK. 
  • BugGrabber & BugSack – Grabs any UI errors and tosses them into a sack for review later. 
  • FishermansFriend – Makes the life of a fisherman a little easier (double-click casting, autoloot, etc). 
  • Fizzle – Adds colored border for rarity as well as durability information to gear on character tab.
  • FluidFrames – Allows dynamic resizing and positioning of any frame (currently only used for Combuctor). UPDATED FOR 3.0
  • GemQuota – Displays total of each gem color currently equipped on the character tab.  UPDATED FOR 3.0 
  • Healbot – Healing Mod of Awesomeness  UPDATED FOR 3.0 
  • Mendeleev – Displays extensive info about the moused over item in the tooltip (i.e. what it’s a component in, such as recipes/patterns). 
  • Message Redirect – Redirects error messages (i.e. “Out of Range”) to a chat window or combat log (or disable them altogether). 
  • Mybindings2 – Redsigned keybinding interface, configurable per-character. 
  • nShakedown – Allows you to quickly display sample GUI elements (i.e. timer bars) for easy adjustment of UI.
  • PallyPower – Buff Mod for Paladins UPDATED FOR 3.0
  • Prat – Offers extensive configration of chat frames. UPDATED FOR 3.0 (BETA PHASE)
  • RatingBuster – Shows what stats on equipment equate to in the tooltips (i.e. how much % hit/crit comes from the stat, how much dodge the agility equals, etc) as well as a summary of the net gains/losses of the item compared to what you have equipped. UPDATED FOR 3.0
  • SLDataText – Condensed onscreen info containing server time, FPS, latency, and mod memory usage. UPDATED FOR 3.0
  • Talented – A replacement to the default in-game talent window. 
  • TankPoints – Will calculate the effetiveness of gear in respect to tanking (also has a built-in calculator for performing your own calculations). 
  • TekJunkSeller – Automatically sells grey items when you open trade with a vendor.
  • TipTac – Improved tooltips. 
  • XPBarNone – Highly customizable XP/rep bar. 

PvP / Combat Text

PvP / Combat Text

PvP mods: 

  • Capping – Timer bars for BG objectives, BG/arena queues, etc. UPDATED FOR 3.0
  • Proximo – Small unit frames for enemy units in arenas (allows binding of functions or spells such as interupt, set as focus, etc). UPDATED FOR 3.0
  • BattlegroundFu – Battleground information available via a Fubar plugin.
  • AreanFu – Arena information available via a Fubar plugin.
  • Fubar – A top bar (much like Titan) with an extensive collection of drop-in modules. It displays the following info at a glance: 
  • Money
  • Durability 
  • Number of guildies/friends online 
  • A micro menu (i.e. buttons for character sheet, LFG, Help, etc)
  • Reagents on hand 
  • Currently equipped gear set 
  • Number of accepted quests 
  • Free/Total bag slots 
  • And if you have mail waiting. 

It also displays the following detailed info if the icon or above info is moused over: 

  • Your status with all factions, colored by reputation level 
  • Experience information (i.e. XP/hour, estimated time to level, etc). 
  • Amount of money spent/earned that session/day/week as well as money available on other characters within the account. 
  • Durability status of each item equipped. 
  • Guildies/Friends that are online, their level, notes, and location (guild-only). 
  • Skills list and level, including weapons, tradeskills, etc. 
  • Farming info (i.e. keeps track of items farmed, such as cloth, motes, etc). 
  • Multitude of icons for mod configuration (also, right clicking on blank space will bring up the Rock Configuration, which gives direct access to config options for 95% of the mods installed). 
  • Top score (tracks your highest hits/crits of your spells and abilities). 
  • Specific info about mail awaiting pickup (i.e. auction’s won/lost). 

Unit Frames and Actionbars: 

  • Bongos3 – Actionbar mod with a generic predefined layout and basic keybinds/paging (the mod supports advanced paging based on stance/form, keybinding, and virtually any button layout). 
  • DrDamage – Shows estimated-average damage/heal on the buttons, taking into account +heal/dmg, crit, AP, etc. 
  • KGPanels – Used to create the backdrops for the chat/button frames. 
  • OmniCC – Shows the cooldown of a spell/ability on the button. UPDATED FOR 3.0

  • Pitbull unit frames with the following features: 
  • Player, Player Target, Target of Target (ToT), Pet, Pet Target, Focus, and Focus Target unit frames with castbar, class coloring, name, incoming estimated heal amount, and buffs/debuffs that you can cast/cure. 
  •  25 man and 40 man raid layouts with display of health, mana/rage, class coloring, name, incoming estimated heal amount, and buffs/debuffs that you can cast/cure (also colors the unit frame red if it has agro). 
  • Party frames that also show pet, the target player and pet, castbar for each, class coloring, name, incoming estimated heal amount, and buffs/debuffs that you can cast/cure (also colors the unit frame red if it has agro). 


  • Flight time to locations displayed in castbar. 
  • Ping Direction – Will show a large red arrow on your screen showing you where and who is pinging the minimap. 
  • Chinchilla – Square, scalable, movable minimap. 
  • Cartographer – A robust map replacement that shows the full content of zones (including unexplored areas). Also has the following features: 
  • Waypoints – Using “/way x,y” you can create a waypoint on your map (adds an arrow with distance remaining on your screen directing you towards the coordinate). 
  •  Notes – Using “/note x,y info_here” you can create a permanent note on your map with info to refer to later (can also – right-click to set as waypoint).
  • Routes – Allows you to define a route based on herb/ore/etc information for a zone that overlays on the minimap for quick and easy gathering.
  • CorpseWay – Will add a waypoint to direct you to your corpse (or instance portal) after releasing. 
  •  Gathering Info – Will overlay the map with known node information (mostly-complete database included) on various gathering professions (by default will only show locations for gathering professions you have). 


  • Atlas/Atlasloot – In-game display of instance maps, boss drops, and an assortment of other lootable items (i.e. badge items, craftable recipes, etc).
  • BigBrother – Fubar plugin that allows you to quickly query the consumable status of everyone in your party/raid.
  • Omen – Displays party/raid member’s threat for your currently selected target (will also parse KTM data that it receives). UPDATED FOR 3.0
  • Recount – Damage meter mod that tracks more information then you can imagine (capable of creating graphs and side-by-side comparisons). 
  • XLoot – A loot window replacement to the default blizzard frame with more options. 

The following raid tools are installed: 

  • Big Wigs – A boss mod that includes boss-related timers, notifications and a proximity window for certain events (i.e.Gruul’s Shatter). 
  • Loggerhead – Automatically turns on combat logging (to wowcombatlog.txt) when you enter selected zones/instances (preconfigured to record combat data at a 200yd range in all 25 man instances and Zul’Aman). 
  • oRa2 – A lightweight replacement to CTRaid (responds to all CT commands/requests). 


  • nQuestlog – Lightweight quest log replacement with quick view of watched quests and their objectives. 
  • Lightheaded – Adds comments for each quest from Wowhead so they’re viewable in-game (database downloaded and installed – does not query Wowhead each time). Many coordinates in quest log can be clicked on to set a waypoint via Cartographer. 
  • MobMap – Clicking on an objective in the quest window will (in most cases) automatically show an overlay on the map/minimap of where that objective or mob has been found/killed before (database included).          
  • Quest Helper – Quest Log tracking system that works well with Cart Way Points UPDATED FOR 3.0

My UI has been disabled for now, as things update I will try to reload the thing, but for now, I’ll grab the few updated mods that are essential to me and carry on in the world. Please note that I did not find all the websites for the addons, nor can I always tell if an update is 3.0 ready. Those marked as updated are because the website said they were ready. Those not marked could still work. You will have to try them and let me know.

For an all in one update, however, I recommend WoWMatrix.



The Grind!

Oh man it is upon us, the last four weeks before WotLK hits us. I am franctically trying to finish up everything I wanted to get done, including leveling the hunters, leveling the warlock, topping off professions, crafting the Roflcopter for poofnstab, and grinding out repuations.

For the profession stuff, I have a few more points in fishing for Pally, I got Wife up to 338 tailoring in one shot and 80 herbing, (I DE’d all the tailored stuff btw, sold it, and made nearly 500g!). I had hoped to get the shaman started on some jewelcrafting… and I haven’t even picked professions for the hunters.

The sudden reputation grind comes about due to achievements. One of them is to achieve 40 exalted repuations…. and I have 11. It’s not a bad start really. There have recently been an influx of articles talking about repuations and the grinds… be sure you check it out.

On top of all of this, I tried to take some screen shots of my bank for you lovely readers, but they didn’t take, so I will try again. In the meantime, I’m off to get started on the long grind ahead of me…. how much do you think I can get done in this short amount of time?