Relapsing Addict

Hello World!

It’s been a very long time. For anyone checking back in that may have read in the past, thank you for checking up on me. For those of you who don’t know me, there’s a little bit of a story for you. I used to blog. It started with AltohoicMom, which evolved to Altoholics R Us. Twice my blog was hacked, and the second time I was unable to recover all the data. This was so infuriating, that I gave up blogging. Eventually, just after Cata released, I gave up on WoW, too. School, work, kids, and life in general kept me busy and I was content to stay without WoW for a while. However, I’ve finished my school program and currently am unemployed, so I’ve found time for WoW again, and with WoW, I found myself wanting to write again.

I don’t think I’ll start off as involved as I left off, but I’ll get there. For now I want to focus on the changes for players who may just be returning or those who are just starting out in Panda Land. I haven’t reworked my UI yet, and I haven’t gotten to play all my characters yet, but I have done enough that I feel I have a leg to stand on. So please do check in, I’ve got some great ideas for your reading pleasure!

This time around I’m letting WordPress host the site, as apparently I am not the greatest at ensuring the security of my own site. Maybe I’ll get up to self hosted later, but for now we’re stuck with WordPress themes. Sorry for that but I’ll do what I can with it. Regardless welcome back to Altoholics R Us, I’m excited and you should be too!