Really Busy

Hello Peeps!

I dinged 77 on Pallylust last night! Woot! Time to do all of my exploration because that is some awesome and easy XP and of course, an achievement. I am continuing to work on my cooking and Kaluak Dailies and leveling. Also, we had a rather large Thanksgiving get together and I’ve been working to get my Christmas shopping done this weekend.

Finally I have been working on a HUGE post, featuring ALL of the Northrend Dailies, and it has become a far larger project then I anticipated. I’ve been working on it for four days already, and I’m only about half done. So please, stay with me while I finish this post for you all. I hope you enjoy it, and I’ll be finishing it and having it up asap.

After that post I intend to put one together featuring ALL of the cooking recipies in the game, making it easier for you to obtain them all for your achievement, and to help along to secure you the title of “Chef”.

Once that is finished I hope to get a page going featuring all of the dailies in the game… and eventually one dedicated to how to get achievements finished effiently. So as you can see, I’ve got a lot on my mind, and a lot on my plate. Please stay tuned.

OK, Break Time Is Over

So I took a couple of days to welcome back my husband from his over sea’s adventures. He claims it was a blast. Im sure it was. He seems pretty happy to be home now and I’m more then happy to be able to have a little break. But, now its time to get back on the bandwagon, so here’s whats up.

I start college tomorrow. I’m quite excited. I don’t think it will cut too much into my day to day life as I never really did much before except house stuff, mom stuff, and WoW. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

As for WoW in the last few days, I did respec Pallylust back into holy to heal a Gruul’s run with my guild. Hubby came along on his holy priest as well. I didn’t mind healing the run for them, as it was a shorter one and easy to boot. After that was done I logged on Hugz and Kissesz and hubby Grabbed his Fury Warrior and we took out Scarlet Monastery Library four times and the Armory twice. All together today I managed to take the hunters from level 31 to level 37 and a half. 6 1/2 levels in one day is not bad. Not bad at all! I am starting to think that maybe if I push instance running, with hubby helping out, I might be able to ding them 60 before this week is over.

So that brings me to what next? Well, since I have 90 days to get the most out of this refer a friend deal, I think I’ll bust us out some mages next, and then onto druids. If there is time that is. Anyways, its rather late here and I just wanted to put up a note that I’m working on some ideas for post for you all to enjoy ❤ I know how hard it must be for you all when I’m not around, but rest assured, I shouldn’t be leaving you again any time soon.

Until next time!

Queue Commerical

We interupt this Blog to bring you a very important real life announcement. Andrea has enrolled herself in college and shall start on September first for an associates in Information Technology / Visual Communications. Be proud all of you! We now go back to our regularly scheduled programming already in progess.

Im Not Dead!

“Haaavvvvvveeeee you heard the news that you’re dead? No one ever had much nice to say, I think they never liked you anyways…..”

Sorry I couldn’t help myself. If you don’t know it, the song is Dead! by My Chemical Romance. Check it out on youtube or something.

Anyways, Real life hit like a truck and to make things more complicated my baby girl decided my computer was thirsty for some Mountain Dew. It still has not recovered, but I’ve managed to throw together a backup that can sustain my WoW addiction. We are now three weeks into my husband’s six week deployment and I am utterly exhusted. Of course there’s been drama, some tears, and a pact to not actually tie the kids up and throw them in the closet. Somehow though the house remains relatively clean and no one was arrested the day my family came for a visit, though there were some narrow escapes.

Now everything is settled down and we are still a few weeks out from Garen’s return, so I think we can take a few moments to take a deep breath and realize we can and will surivive this, even if we don’t want to.

So in recent weeks Ive resigned from raiding in my husband’s absence. I just don’t have the awesome multitasking ability of screaming at children to be quiet so I can learn this boss strat. I will pick up on it again once Garen returns. This has left a lot of time to farm and play alts. I’ve been PvPing like mad on my rogue, I even respec’d her to Shadowstep. I know yuk it up, But I tell ya its saved my butt more times then I can count. I like using it to gain some yardage on running the flag in WSG.

Ive also been running a lot of Heroic Magister’s Terrace for the shard of contempt. It dropped once but I lost it to a DPS warrior. Ah well we’ll continue to run for it. I also have done a couple of Karas but believe it or not, not a SINGLE peice of melee gear has dropped on either of those runs. It makes me want to cry inside.

I still want to reach the gold cap before WotLK and I hope I have enough time left over to level one more alt. However without my main machine running I am without my UI, my pretty mods, and I cannot multibox on this machine, so it’s on the back burner for now. So PvP farming and gold farming it is. Wish me luck.

I hope that I have corrected all this enough to continue to blog again for you all. I’m sorry I left you hanging but I am sure with time, you will come to forgive me. Now if you’ll excuse me there’s a hook in the closet with my son’s name on it.

Real Life Steps In

At least for a day or two. My husband is being deployed with the USCG for a month and we’re trying to get things in order before he goes. Might even squeeze in some quality time while we’re at it. He’ll leave Sunday morning and I’ll be back full force to fill in that gap of loneliness and boredom. Sorry I’m not savvy enough with this blog yet to prewrite posts, I’ll get around to learning that eventually. So wish me luck and I’ll see you guys in a few days!