Spider Wing Cleared

I’ve been slacking on the posting. Been having some RL medical stuff come up and I’ve been extremely distracted by it. However, recently I got to see a REAL rogue and the kind of damage it can do, I leveled engineering up to 422, I fished my heart out for some coins and got the Silver in the City achievement, and I picked up my very last recipe from Dalaran, leaving me 14 short of my 160. There’s the tidbits, now on to the good stuff.

wowscrnshot_010609_184430As I mentioned, my group of server hopping guild searching refugees friends recently found a home in the guild Damage Control. Things have been awesome, and all in all I don’t think we’ve ever been so widely accepted before. Everyone seems to be happy and that leaves me a lot more time to worry about myself. Yesterday, was regular raid day for the guild. They’d been doing 1 group for 10 man Naxx. Last night, thanks to the addition of two uber awesome healers, (ahem) we were able to get two off the ground. Group 2, my group, had about half a raid full of nooblets, including myself, to Naxx, but that didn’t stop us. With only one wipe on the last boss in the Spider Wing, we managed to clear them all with EASE even, and started down the plague wing before calling it a night. Tonight the guild has Heroic OS, lets hope we can get him totally on our own.

Two Man Ony


Holy Pally Tank

Holy Pally Tank

I took a little break from all this post writing to actually, ya know, play the game I love to write about. Last night I finished up Grizzly Hills, getting the achievement Fo’ Grizzle My Shizzle and dinging 78. I headed off to Stormwind to train up and see what I got brand new. There weren’t any new spells, but some updates for old ones. I noticed that I trained a fire resistance aura to 130 FR. I was a little surprised by this, because I find I don’t use these auras very often… however, I remembered that back in the days when I did Ony and MC, I needed 150 FR as a DPS. This triggered a thought… I bet I could solo Ony! So I mention it to hubby to… and he says “Ok lets go solo Ony!” and I look at him, slightly confused. “Garen… define solo.” He looked kinda hurt so I dragged him, too. I know that two manning is less impressive then soloing, and I assure you, a holy pally at level 78 CAN survive it solo, but you’ll run into problems with re-spawns if you do… here’s what went down…


It took two shots to get her. The first time we were having problems with Garen taking aggro a little too often and me scrambling to heal him up. (Garen is running a shadow priest atm.). Then when she took to the air, we chased her around, and before we knew it, there were respawns beating on me… I let us wipe it out so we could try again.


In The Air

In The Air

As I was running back to the instance I realized that I had abilities I wasn’t using, that I should have been. So I figured out a good spell rotation, and it worked like a charm. Not only could I hold threat fairly well against the CAREFULLY aggro managing shadow priest, I also never ever came close to running out of mana, nor did I need heals from anyone but myself. However, the encounter DID take 34 mins and 02 seconds. It would have taken far longer without Garen, and while I feel that I could have sustained myself even without Garen, the time would have become an issue.


Anyways, the spell rotation I used was this:

Seal of Wisdom (As needed) – This allows me to regen mana on each melee strike.

Judgement of Wisdom – does some holy damage on use, but also adds to mana regen on melee hits

Shield of Righteousness – This is a new spell, and one I forgot about the first time. This does about 1k damage in my level 78 1200 spell power state, and has a nice quick cooldown. Ony is immune to stun effects.

Holy Shock – For me, it does about 2k damage without the magic crit button, and with it, well over 3k. Instant casts are always nice…

Divine Plea – I hit this every single time it was up, even if I did not need it. (I ususally did)

Consecration – Duh

Divine Illumination – I popped this whenever it was up before starting the entire sequence listed above



Avenging Wrath – Yup… I used this… bubble was not an option with the Spriest hanging around, so I popped this whenever it was up

Flash of Light – At the end of each rotation of spells, I popped two of these on myself to top off and started over again… Rinse and repeat.

**Also, you should note that Ony DOES have a hit box on the ground when she is in the air. It is always possible to keep swining your weapon at her.**

With that rotation I never fell below 80 percent mana at any given point, AND I managed to hold threat all the way up to the last 6000 hitpoints… and then garen got… well it wasn’t pretty… but she died. Thats what matters! We each got 78g, and some epics and blues to DE and sell. Also, the Onyxia Achievement. All in all, it was a good time, and it was fun to do an event I’ve not seen in a few years.

Getting on the Ball

Raptor Mount!

Raptor Mount!

Well, it didn’t take long for the guild to jump right into things. I know that they did a Kara a few nights ago, and I got in on a ZG run. We smoked the place, killing all the bosses but skipping a lot of trash. What trash we did kill we pulled en masse. I gave quick reminders on each of the bosses, and all in all it went very smoothly. However, you will not BELIEVE what dropped off the raptor boss. That only took four years to see!

After the ZG run I had to take off for a bit but when I got back they were in SSC. Apparently Hydross and Lurker bit the big one, and they were standing before

Tidwalker Down!

Tidwalker Down!

Tidewalker when I was invited to the raid. Upon joining I listened in on the strat they planned to use, and realized very quickly that the strat being read was for Leo the Blind, not Tidewalker. So I gave a quick run down and off we went. The first attempt was a wipe thanks to me forgetting about the earthquakes, but the second shot was full of total win! 

Otherwise I spent the day grinding out some repuation, specifically, with Cenarion Circle. I managed to go from neutral to honored in one shot. Hopefully I can finish that off sooner then later, cause you know, I’ve got some hunters that have been ignored an awful lot lately. Anyways, thats about it for now, I’ll try to keep the UI stuff updated and see about writing up about how I like Beacon of Light or not.

Some Things You Should Know…

Hello readers! This is another Shared Topic From Blog Azeroth where Aos asks us to share what we know about the classes when considering them for building a group.

Before we start let me say that this is mostly a matter of opinion. While I tried to remember every little thing about each class I must admit that while I’ve tried them all, my experience with some are less then others. This is just a basic knowledge of what to look for when building your group. A standard ten man group is two tanks, two healers, a hybrid (say a shaman to dps but throw in the occasional heal) 3 CC and 2 sheer DPS.

Lets start with TANKING:


  • Has a decent amount of hitpoints
  • Has average armor
  • Has the best damage mitigation as far as tanks go
  • Has slower aggro build but sustains the longest
  • Has stances that can be changed to make him/her unfearable
  • Has limited party buffs

Warriors have for a long time been, THE standard tank. And with good cause. Though thier ability to tank multiple targets is limited, thats what we have Crowd Control (CC) for. This class does suffer a little bit as rage must be built, and they start with none, so some time must be given for your warrior to gain rage, and thus, aggro. Warriors have been given a good amount of hit pointsand damage absorption to make them quite hard to kill. Healing wise a few Heal Over Times (HoT) can do the trick for most trash. As long as your warrior has its 490 defense, is spec’d properly and in the case of higher content, is even uncrushable there is very little this class can’t take.


  • Has the lowest hit points of the three tank classes
  • Has average damage mitigation (relying heavily on block rating)
  • Has average armor
  • Has the ability to heal themselves or others should needs be
  • Has versatile party buffs
  • Has the ability to resurrect
  • Has instant aggro gains
  • Cannot sustain for too long without the aid of constant healing
  • Can tank multiple mobs with ease
  • Can sacrifice self to save a run back after a wipe

Paladins, though always able to tank, have really only recently been seen as a potential main tank on a run. Avengers Shield is their primary aggro gain and can and will hit three mobs in succession. Recently Blizzard also added the bonus that this will no longer break CC. Generally in a five man setting you will not need to bring other CC as your paladin tank is better off holding all the mobs as it is more mana efficient for them. Paladins do start with a full mana bar and go down from there, but their mana can be replenished easily with mana pots and with the aid of healers. Paladins will regen 10 percent of a heal back in mana. Obtaining uncrushable for a Paladin is harder then that of a warrior but still possible. They suffer from relying on the use of a libram and a spell called Holy Shield to achieve it though. A paladin’s strength also comes from having some spell damage because Avenger’s Shield and Concencrate, a Paladin’s heavy hitters, are scaled by thier Spell Damage. A paladin would not be ideal if you are in need of heavy CC. Healing wise Paladins are only sightly harder to heal then a warrior as they carry about the same mitigation but usually will have less hit points.


  • Has the most hit points
  • Has the most armor
  • Cannot block/does not have a shield
  • Has the least mitigation
  • Slower aggro gain
  • Decent party buff
  • Can heal when needed
  • Has an in-combat resurrect

Druids are, in my opinion, the MOST versatile hybrid class out there. When Feral for tanking druids definitely can hold their own. They have abilities like Feral Charge, Lacerate, and Maul to build aggro and they do so well. They are on a rage system similar to a warriors so will require some time to build up thier threat. However while in bear form a druid cannot use a pot or healthstone, so healers beware. Druids are interesting because they do not use a shield and instead have massive armor and hit points to make up for this difference. Druids cannot become uncrushable so spikes in their health will be common, and like a warrior are limited in the ability to tank several mobs at once.

So you pick your two tanks and we move on to the next must have, the HEALERS:


  • Has great mana regen
  • Has HoTs and regular heals
  • Has an aggro dump
  • Has great party buffs
  • Has the ability to throw in some DPS
  • Can group heal
  • Has the least armor and hit points
  • Has CC for undead mobs and humanoids
  • Has the ability to fear

Priests are the old school healer. When someone says healer this is the first thing that usually comes to mind, and for good reason! Priests have the ability to toss big heals, little heals, DPS and Heal at the same time, and heal the entire group in one shot. Priests, like all healers, are heavily gear dependant and can have amazing mana regen if they manage to get enough spirit into their gear. Also useful for limited CC with Shackle, Mind Control and Fear.


  • Has average hit points
  • Has average mana regen
  • Has the ability to self resurrect in the middle of battle or out
  • Has the ability to group heal
  • Can add DPS
  • Does not have HoTs (Except Gift of the Naaru)
  • No aggro dump (Well except for dying :P)
  • Did I mention TOTEMS?

Shaman are THE group buffer to have. Their totems add to everyone and are an excellent resource to any raid. The shaman shine for raid healing and group healing with their spell, Chain heal. They also have the ability to resurrect themselves, in or out of combat. (This only works on the shaman). I admit my knowledge on shaman is limited but are equally useful as a healer in a raid or to solo heal a five man.


  • Can spam heals like a crazy person
  • Has an aggro dump
  • Has versatile party buffs
  • Has the best chance to survive pulling aggro
  • Can have crazy mana regen
  • Can crit lots and lots
  • Single target healer
  • Does not have HoTs (Unless they are Draenai)

Paladins are spam central. They can cast their smaller heal, Flash of Light, over and over again without running out of mana, and should their aggro begin to climb, a bubble will surely take it down. Paladins seem to be split into two though, the Mp5 Paladin and the Crit Paladin. When it boils down to it though, both end up looking at the mana regen so I wouldn’t trouble yourself over that. Paladins lack the ability to heal multiple people at the same time and are best to have focus on a tank. Thier ability to add in damage is limited to Holy Shock and the occasional Hammer of Wrath at the end of a fight. They have no ability to CC.


  • Has a special form just for healing
  • Lots of HoTs, Powerful ones
  • Usually wont die in one shot
  • Does not have an aggro dump
  • Has a limited use CC (Outdoors Only)
  • Has a decent party buff
  • Has great mana regen
  • Can summon up some tree buddies
  • Has the ability to resurrect in combat
  • Not considered a rezing class

Druids have really come into the spotlight in recent months. Despite the lack of a resurrect ability, druids are in high demand for their HoTs. Druids are great for these as their HoTs can stack and be equally as powerful as a full regular heal, only they are mostly instant cast. They also have a heavy AoE heal that is quite the relief after a raid takes a heavy hit all the way around. For these reasons Druids are best suited to raid heal and to keep HoTs up on the tank.

**Whew this post is getting long. Lets have an intermission. Ima have a smoke, AFK**

**Ok back, still with me? Good**

Alright we’ve got our healers, we’ve got our tanks, the rest of the raid goes to DPS. Lets start with CC DPS


  • Have (usually) very little hit points
  • Have little mana regen
  • Ranged DPS
  • Carry some huge pew pew
  • Has the ability to make Mana Biscuts
  • Can port you to any major city
  • Has the ability to CC using Sheep and Frost Nova
  • Has an aggro dump
  • Has a decent party buff
  • Has great AOE ability

Mages have become the must have for raids, unfortunately this is mostly for their mana biscuts, but they also have the awesome ability to CC. Sheep and frost nova are must haves for any group looking for an easy run. Mages also have the buff of AI and can add easy to a tank’s job by using Counterspell to bring a caster in closer for the kill. Mages can also add buffs to themselves by using Spell Steal. Also adding to the already large package mages can AoE damage using arcane or frost spells, this is really handy when using an aoe paladin tank. Overall mages are heavy hitters in cloth armor so they must watch their threat and can dump it at any time using Ice Block, which is available to any spec mage nowadays.


  • Has a pet companion that can really help in a tight spot
  • Have the ability to CC
  • Has an aggro dump
  • Has limited party buffs
  • Has sustainable DPS
  • Can Kite
  • Has decent hit points/can take a hit
  • Has the ability to track

Hunters seem to be a fairly common class played but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know how to play them well. A great hunter can add substantial DPS to your group and also provide reliable CC. A hunter who has taken the time to learn can also trap multiple mobs at a time, really making their class shine. Though a hunter has very little to offer his other mates in his party, his aspect can and does help here and there. Hunters are also very viable for kiting mobs. His AoE damage ability is limited but it is there. Though a straightforward and easy class hunters are still considered highly valuable to have around.


  • Has the ability to make healthstones
  • Has high hitpoints
  • Has various pets to help in different situation
  • Has the ability to CC (Though Limited)
  • Has the ability to make healthstones
  • Has heavy DPS
  • Is restricted by Soul Shards
  • Has an aggro dump
  • Has limited party buffs
  • Has the ability to sustain mana

Warlocks are not usually classified as a CC but I’m gonna go ahead and put them here anyways. Warlocks rely heavily on the use of soul shards so you’ll want to make sure yours has some. Warlocks have the ability to banish demons, fear humanoids, seduce humanoids, see invisibility and stealth, and fear bounce. For these reasons I’ve classified them as a CC. They are also heavy AoE’ers using Rain of Fire and Seed of Corruption as their primary spells for such a cause. Warlocks also can sustain themselves and using a Felguard or Voidwalker, called “Drain Tanking” (Using the pet as a temporary tank and slowly draining my own life into it to keep it alive). Warlocks also have instant cast DoTs (Damage over Time Spells) that can be put up on all the mobs to help them die quickly. With the addition in recent months of Soul Shatter warlocks also now have a way to dump their aggro, making them an awesome DPS to have.

Shadow Priest

  • Has average hit points
  • Has no aggro dump
  • Regens Mana and Health for self and group
  • Has decent party buffs
  • Has the ability to CC (Limited)
  • Can heal if the situation should call for it
  • Has the ability to resurrect

Shadow priests are becoming more and more common. Their ability to regenerate mana and health for their party makes a healers life much easier. (Pally tanks love em too!). They also carry the same buffing ability as their healing counterpart so if this is your soul reason for them I’d think again. They also carry the same CC abilities as thier healing copies, so again, if you have a holy priest an Spriest would simply duplicate these things. They are average DPSers, though.


  • Has average hit points
  • Heavy DPS
  • Moonkin form adds an extra party buff
  • Has the ability to CC (Limited)
  • Does not have an aggro dump
  • Has a decent party buff
  • Can heal if necessary
  • Has limited ability to AoE
  • Can stealth

Moonkin druids are crit heavy and can and do pull aggro easily and have no way to dump it. Make sure your tank is prepared to tank against this extremely heavy hitter. A feral druid is not so bad, and while in cat form (I believe) can cower, this only lessens the threat and does not completely dump it. In a Feral spec DPS is decent and sustainable, and is fairly similar to that of a rogue. Overall a Druid can be a great addition, but has many of the same abilities of a healer druid as well.


  • Has average hit points
  • Has sustainable DPS
  • Cannot AoE
  • Has the ability to CC (Limited)
  • Can Stealth
  • Has an aggro dump
  • Can “Evasion Tank” for a short period of time
  • Can pick locks

People tend to see rogues as the bitch of the group. They are often seen as giving nothing and taking all. But this is not true. While their CC Sap is limited to humanoids for the most part, Rogues still have much to offer their group and raid. Since little is spent elsewhere their DPS is huge and can hold out the entire fight. They have the ability to get out of a sticky situation using sprint, they can open locked doors and chests, and can Vanish out of a bad sap attempt. They also have the use of Kidney Shot, Blind, and Gouge to very shortly control a mob. And of course if a tank goes down in the last few precious moments of a fight, a rogue can be there, evasion tanking you to a win.



  • Can self resurrect
  • Can toss a heal
  • TOTEMS! (Deja vu huh?)
  • Does not have CC
  • Can Resurrect
  • Does not have an aggro dump
  • Powerful party buffer

Ok shaman I admit it. I’m in love with your totems, which are attached to you so I guess I can accept you as well :P. Enchantment Shaman bring a big boost to your melee with Windfury. Elemental Shaman are a favorite for your casters, either way, on their own shaman are still a viable DPS, and while they will not likely top a rogue or a warlock, they’ll be closely riding their tails. Shaman are more of a boost the party class then a class that tries to help itself. You should always try to have a shaman in your raid.

DPS Warriors

  • Can take some massive hits
  • Can sustain long term damage
  • Can offtank as needed
  • Cannot heal
  • Cannot Resurrect
  • Has limited party buffs

DPS warriors are an interesting lot. Mostly seen as a PvP item they too can hold up in PvE. DPS warriors can and do sometimes end up tanking here and there, but without no mana bar to worry about, once their rage is built up can sustain their DPS until the fight is over. For the most part this class has no other use then DPS so make sure your CC is all filled in before bringing in a DPS warrior. (Sorry guys, but I ❤ you still)

Retribution Paladin

  • Has all the same buffs and abilities as thier Healing and Tanking buddies

(LOL gimme a break you should only have to say the same thing so many times :P) Anyways, Retribution Paladins are much like the DPS warrior. They hold very little means outside of sheer DPS. They can and do occasionally hold up in PvE but honestly my experience with them outside of PvP is extremely limited and I cannot say much for them. While thier buffs are just as good as those of the Tankadin and the Healadin, this is one of those “Filler” roles.

So there ya have it. A lot of this is my opinion, and the basis I use to build any raid or group I may be doing. I certainly hope someone out there in the interwebs gets some use out of this 😛 I also do note that I did not include the Disc Priest spec in my post. This is because in my three or so years of playing I truely and honestly have NEVER SEEN ONE!

Being Part of the Crew

For a long time now, nearly a year, I’ve been hanging out on the Alliance side, trying to keep low profile and you know, just enjoy the game. And in the past year I have found again the things I enjoyed about it. However for long periods in there I would find myself not doing much at all, quite like Dechion has been. Over time I hadn’t noticed my lack luster playing until recently, when someone asked me to tank for them on my Paladin, who is usually holy in recent days… and she was still Prot from a failed Kara run over a week ago. I hadn’t moved her or touched her. Well I fired her up last night, took her back to the holy tree and headed over to help out on the Black Temple run for the guild’s evening group.

Ususally you will not see me on Eve’s runs. Its a little bit earlier in the day then I’d like it to be, and quite honestly, its a little more ridged then I like. But they do get thier progression done. This was my first adventure into BT and we were facing Supremus. I admit I did not read or look at any strategies before hand, since this was a fly by invite. So I tried to understand what they were explaining and Im just healing, so spam away right? Wrong! This fight is heavily enviromental. The orginal strat they came up with had us walking side by side in a straight line kiting him down the hill. This failed miserably. The second strat they tried, I like to call it, “We Just Knocked Over A Liqour Store, SCATTER!” simply because that’s what we were told to do, “Scatter scatter scatter!” This method was looking good. We got him down to three percent, when he caught on a seige weapon and evaded back into reset.

I thought this would have pissed off the raid, but no, they pressed on with little complaint. He eventually fell to us for the second time in guild history and we were left with 45 mins to explore the trash for the next boss. This was uncharted grounds so for the most part, the raid was really over. Now we’re just goofing off.

Well we made it to the next boss who wasn’t terribly far at all. Shade of Akama. None of us knew what to expect. To me, it sounded like a mix between the Nefarian fight and Mag’s Lair. Whatever though, Im good to stand here in the middle and spam those heals that by now, are so obviously undergeared compared to the other Eve healers. So we ask a few questions that no one really knows the answers to and then we start. I have my heal focus target, our MT and I dare not look away from him. I spam my heals, and in a whole a two minutes, I hear the cheers ring out of victory. Wait, what? We one shotted him? Yes, yes we really did! I personally would have to say that is the easiest boss fight I’ve seen in a long time, but it could just be all that leet DPS gear the casters and whatnot have earned over time. Either way, it was great to be part of a first time kill for the guild, and for just a moment there, reminded me of excatly why I love this game.

Top Ten Countdown

[EDIT] Im about to give up on posting pictures in my blog. I do realize its all kinda wonky, I’ve tried to fix it and can’t. I hope its not too much trouble for you all. I did notice that if you make the window smaller everything falls into place. I need to work on my CSS skills I think

Oh how I miss the good ol’ days. Im late to the show but this shared topic posted by Cathmor on Blog Azeroth who asked

What are your top 10 memories from your time in Azeroth/Outlands? Why are they so memorable? If you had to rank them from least to most memorable, which would come out as the #1 absolute best moment of your WoW career?

10. The First Time I had All Epic Gear — This was only recently actually. I’d always managed to keep a blue trinket or something to that nature, but finally, I managed to obtain every slot in pretty purple goodness for my tank set for my Paladin. ❤

Kara Cleared

Kara Cleared

9. My First Full Kara Clear — Despite its ease now, that only took more then a year to achieve, and I had to reroll from horde to alliance to have ever seen it.

8. Kiting Drak and his Buddies on a Certain Self Centered Restro Druid — In other words, like half of UBRS came a runnin at him. I managed to trap him back in Rend’s room. Was an awesome day even though I had to listen to him whine about it for near on a week.
Pwnt Druid in UBRS

Pwnt Druid in UBRS

7. First Full BRD Clear and a Gander in MC — Back when that crap was ya know, hard. It took a couple of hours but we all got attuned, and accidently pulled the molten giants. Was good for a laugh though.

6. First time I saw Ragnoros — He was HUGE!



5. All Out Balls to the Wall PvP During the AQ Opening Event — It was lag central, I died so much that timer got insane, and I don’t even know if I killed anyone. But I did get booted clear across the zone by a giant ass mob.

AQ Opening Event, Giant Bug

AQ Opening Event, Giant Bug

4. Infusion’s First Downing of Hakkar — The rest of the instance had been easy, but for some reason we could NOT take him down. He had developed this awesome move of “DC whoever has the highest threat” that was really holdin us back, but we did it, and it was good.

3. ZOMG Pet! — Learning the hard way that if you jumped off a ledge to take a short cut in an instance your pet was gonna run the long way around to find you, and he’s bringing friends!

ZG Cleared

ZG Cleared

2. Getting Suspended for Three Hours — When each battlegroup was taken down for three days to upgrade the servers, ours became severely busy with two hour plus queues. We came to find out that it had been pre determined by one server to dilerbertly all come to the same one. So being reasonable people, the Horde and Alliance got together on my ventrilo server and we all rolled on thiers. Made a guild called <We Caused Your Queue>. We sat around in Ironforge spamming needlessly, and for that, I got the suspension.

And the number 1 most memorable time in WoW:

1. Infusion’s Raid On Ironforge! — Oh man that was epic. No one expected it, it lasted for hours, and since it was a PvE server it was a rare occurance. See for yourself!