Hi! My Name Is…

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

Hello World! My name is Andrea Anderson. I am a 27 year old mother of two; Hayden, who is 8 and Lillie who is 4. I am married to Garen, who currently is off serving on the USCGC Mackinaw stationed out of Cheboygan, Michigan. I am currently living in Milwaukee Wisconsin… but that’s a long involved story with entirely too many dull details to explain at the moment. I am in school, through the University of Phoenix Online, going for an Associates of the Arts in Information Technology/Visual Communications. Additionally, I am employed with Best Buy as part of the Geek Squad. Good stuff, I assure you.

So…. 15 interesting facts about me? I’m not sure I’m quite that interesting… but lets give it a shot.

1. I managed the first 100 percent score on the Alaska State GED in the Reading and Essay portions of the test. I don’t know how I managed to write an entire essay by hand with a pen about a quilt without making any spelling or grammar errors, but I did! They threw me a party and everything. Sarah Palin was there too… the only thing missing… was me. I did not attend my own graduation. I was getting my hair dyed. Yup. I’m awesome.

2. I am 27 years old and two years ago I found out I had Basal Cell Carcinoma. I also have precancerous of another type of skin cancer, but no melanoma. Whew. Though every single time I see a doctor, they always declare I’m far too young. Who would make this stuff up? Anyways, last time I was checked I got an all clear, so at least that mess is done with. If you’re gonna deal with cancer, skin cancer is the one to get, I’d say.

3. I’ve been told by a doctor that I am agoraphobic.

4. The first poem I ever wrote was about a book called “Libby on Wednesday“. I don’t remember the book, or the poem I wrote, but I got first place in a contest for it.

5. I have plans to get a tattoo someday, but I’m terrified of needles. I haven’t figured out how I am going to overcome this fear, but I am dead set I’ll get this tattoo.

6. I’ve been teaching myself to knit. I learned from videos on YouTube. I am not very great at it, but I get by.

7. I have had entirely too many surgeries, and too many stitches. The most recent was a relocation of a nerve in my left elbow, resulting in 8 staples, actually.

8. I’ve had a fully natural birth and an emergency C-Section. I will not be having any more kids but I wonder what the middle of those two is like?

9. I grew up as a navy brat and then married a coastie. Although all 27 years of my life have been as a dependent of the military, I never left the west coast until 2009…. and only made it to the Great Lakes. However, I have visited Florida, but that’s it for the East Coast, and I’ve never left the country.

10. Why yes, my hair is naturally curly… but no, I am not a red-head. I have no idea where people get that impression.

11. My mother in law used to say that I’d giggle a certain way right before I was about to say something vulgar or wildly inappropriate.

12. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or more popularly known as a Mormon. I’m not a very good one, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m a member, all the same.

13. Although my sisters and brother and even my mother all show artistic and musical ability, I haven’t a shred of it myself without the use of technology.

14. My family holds season tickets to the Green Bay Packers. Apparently, this gives you coolness points when you live in Wisconsin

15. I’m a terrible homemaker. I can’t even keep houseplants alive… I loathe dishes, and oh man I really should clean off my desk… but I’ll happily vacuum the floor all day long. Dunno why, but I love my Dyson.

So there ya have it, 15 borderline entertaining facts about me. Now it’s you’re turn.

30 Day Blog Challenge

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted

In starting this blog, I’ve also decided to take the “30 Day Blog Challenge” seen a bit back in November of last year. Yes, I know I’m late to the game… but they say it takes 30 days to start/break a habit, and if I’m gonna blog, I might as well blog about these topics anyways… Just in case any of you want in on the challenge, I’m going to post all the topics here and now, and you can follow along on your blog too! Just be sure to leave a comment letting me know you plan to participate, so I can check it out. So here’s the list…

Day 0: The 30 Day Challenge Explanation and Description
Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts
Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name
Day 3: Your first love
Day 4: Your parents
Day 5: A song to match your mood
Day 6: A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 7: Favorite movies
Day 8: A place you’ve traveled to
Day 9: A favorite picture of your best friend
Day 10: Something you’re afraid of
Day 11: Favorite tv shows
Day 12: Something you don’t leave the house without
Day 13: Goals
Day 14: A picture of you last year – how have you changed?
Day 15: Bible verse
Day 16: Dream house
Day 17: Something you’re looking forward to
Day 18: Favorite Place to Eat
Day 19: Something you miss
Day 20: Nicknames
Day 21: Favorite Picture of yourself ALL TIME Why?
Day 22: What’s in your purse?
Day 23: Favorite Movie
Day 24: Something you’ve learned
Day 25: Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
Day 26: Your Dream Wedding
Day 27: Original Photo of the city you live in
Day 28: Something that stresses you out
Day 29: 3 Wishes
Day 30: a picture of yourself this day and 5 good things that happened since you started the challenge

Today is day 0. Tomorrow I will post day 1. I might also throw out other posts out there in addition to these on a daily basis… but we’ll see how that goes.

Until Next Time


I Need A Do-Over

Do Over Button

I Call Do Over!


Sure, why not? I keep thinking I enjoy writing… I just never seem to stick to it. I considered other names for this blog that gave off a sense of constantly starting over, some depressive sounding names, some inspiring ones, I even considered calling it blah blah blah assuming no one is really going to read it other than me, and maybe Garen. Usually having a specific topic in mind and sticking to it is helpful in blogging. It helps to build and audience and it helps you to spur along in writing about said topic you love. Previously, I’d tried to do that with Altoholics R Us and it’s predecessor AltoholicMom… They were rather successful, but a hacker that wouldn’t quit sort of put the damper on my drive to continue writing them.

Before that I’d attempted to write about my life in general, several times over. Every single time I’d find myself looking over a post and thinking, geez… no one really wants to read that… and then gave up on it again. This time I still intend to write a bit about my life, but maybe more specifically into the things I do, like crafting and couponing and work, rather than how adorable the kids are and how I wanna strangle them some days. (Even as I write this they are terrorizing a box I had an intention of using to send rather late Christmas presents).

One of my worst personality traits is that I tend to not finish what I start… or I start it over again and again… each time hoping that this time will go better than the last. I am constantly doing-over things I’ve already done… mostly because I can’t do things perfectly on the first shot… but then again, who really can? Perfectionist Fallacy was another name I considered for this blog. Sometimes I feel like I want to call out “DO OVER!” on my entire life, but then I come to my senses and realize things could be much much worse.

This time around on my blog do-over I have no set direction, I have no specific topic.

I hope to develop the intention of this blog as I go. I hope that those who have the misfortune of stumbling across it get the occasional joy out of reading the rambling that pours out of my head on a daily basis… but mostly, I hope this stops that nagging feeling I get that makes me light a fire under my ass to create endless amounts of blogs out there…

Regardless, until next time…


The One With The Introduction

Ok, so maybe you get it, with the titles and such? Or maybe you don’t. Just in case you don’t (don’t feel badly, Garen apparently missed the reference as well) the title of the blog and the title of this post are in relation to the TV show Friends, which used the “The One With…” format for every episode. I don’t actually intend to label all my posts this way, but I liked the idea for the title of the blog… and hey, it’s always a nice fall back when I can’t come up with a clever title on my own for future posts.

So yup, a blog… on blogger… which is different than my previous wordpress attempts… and there have been many. This time around there’s no just WoW, no just poems, no just “the kids drove me nuts today”. I plan to simply post whatever crops up to my mind. Somedays it might be mindless complaining, other days, I might have an actual well formed opinion on something to share. Or maybe my kids were doing that cute thing again. Who knows? We’ll see what I come up with. Otherwise, welcome. Make yourself at home. My life is pretty crazy so I hope you’ll stay open minded with me here.


An Introduction, of Sorts

Well, after viewing my friend’s blog over at http://www.benameless.wordpress.com (Shameless Plug!) I decided he had a good idea. I thought I’d give it a shot as well. So lets begin shall we?

Hi! my name is Andrea. Im a 23 year old mother of two, and I, am an altoholic. Those of you familiar to World of Warcraft are probibly familiar with this term. Some of you may not be, so in short, I can’t seem to make up my mind, therefore I play as many toons as I possibly can. Thus far I have leveled three to 70 on my own, was given a fourth that I haven’t really touched, and have two in the upper 60’s. The rest are 20 something or less

I have been playing a long time, since about a month after release. This doesn’t make me an expert, or a WoW goddess, but I do believe it gives me an edge. Currently my high levels include A Demo Undead Warlock, A Holy Undead Priest, A BM Tauren Hunter, A Holy (Previously Prot) Dreanai Paladin, and a Gnome Combat Rogue. I also played a Tauren Feral Druid, but for only a month at level 70. It really wasn’t my cup of tea. I’ve also messed with other classes, but currently they are of lower levels.

Experience wise in the old world I was fortunate enough to experience MC, BWL, ZG, and AQ20 full clears. Back in the MC daysAlso did AQ40 to Princess Huhu. I never did get to see Naxx and at its time of release I wasn’t really intrested in yet ANOTHER fourty man raid. In the new content I’ve seen all of Kara, ZA, and SSC for Lurker Only… And one encounter in Hyjal where we downed the first boss, but that was kinda being in the right place at the right time. However I have done all of the Heroics… if that accounts for anything at all.

Socially, I appear to be quite the butterfly. My friends say I have Charisma… my husband says Im a bit of a bitch…. either way it tends to lead me to places where I end up, “In the know”. I tend to have friends in many guilds, and I seem to be kept in good with the latest gossip, though I do try to stray away from that.  I’ve run a few guilds, which ultimately, end up being a great group of people to hang out with, but aren’t much for accomplishing content progression. The first guild was <Dead>. This guild I had joined due to a RL friend who played… and two months in the guild leaders quit, and handed it off to me. I was in no way prepared to run a guild. I tried to adapt but it never amounted to much. Few bad mergers, and eventually I gave up. I joined a guild that gave me all of my old world experience… but after awhile… the amount of time involved in raiding and me working were just more then I could take… so I took a three week break from WoW.

My husband later convinced me to try again. Start fresh and anew. We rerolled Horde again on a brand new server. Started up a guild right away and recruited people of the same level as us, so we could work together and teach them how to be successful raiders. This plan actually proved fruitful for a long time. The guild Infusion, Halloween 2007grew, progressed and was doing well until Kara hit. With Three groups going, the first two were successful. The third was not. I learned quickly that even though its just pixels, people will still get mean and greedy if they don’t get what they want, right away. For a year the guild flourished, was self reliant (meaning heroics went off with ease. Enchants, Jewel cuts and the like were easily accessible). However the job for myself became harder and harder. Loot systems to keep track of, three kara teams to organize, a guild bank (Before guild banks were built into the game) and Forums and a website to upkeep again began to become more then I could handle. With the additon of demanding players and a brand new baby, I again gave up on running my own guild.

I decided to give WoW one more shot. This time on the Alliance. I rolled a Paladin, uncertain of her role at the time. I leveled her up, made new friends (along with the old who did in fact follow me across all these relams) and when she got to Outlands, I made her into a tank. For the few months following, I easily cleared Kara, and began to see instances outside of that. I built up her tanking gear using mostly badge gear items, and was blown away by how naturally progession comes to the Alliance side. She stayed a tank until recently… and now she’s a Holy Paladin for the needs of my guild, Ale and Arms.

The Paladin is currently my active main character. I raid with her and am still working on her holy gear. However my warlock remains a love of mine and is used to PvP every now and again. Also Im building up a rogue, since historically I’ve played casters. I wanted to give Melee its fair shot.

The point of this blog is to relate experiences I’ve had, guides I’ve written, and overall the rantings I have about being a serious gamer, and a mother at the same time. WoW is a male dominated game, but there are girls (and mothers!) out there who I know enjoy the game as well. This blog is for everyone alike, but it is from my point of view (Men be warned!) So I hope you enjoy it, and I’ll be posting again soon!