Achievement Spam

It was yet another busy week for me and the guildies at <Abyss>. I have two more resets to finish gearing up the guild for the 25 mans we should be doing.  We spent the week taking two groups into Naxx 10. The first group got four bosses down, and the second group got 12. Why did one do so much better than the other? I’m not entirely sure, but I’m gonna guess it was luck of the draw and the route each group choose to take through the instance. I lead the second group and took them down spider first, then plauge, then construct and finally military. The other group started with the military wing. I’d assume that’s part of it. The other part would have been the gear levels of those involved. Our tanks and healers were already geared to begin with, whereas the other group had a healer and a tank that need some more lovin’. 

I did spend the day and ran that healer through 6 heroics though, so she’s much better off then she was. Overall just on runs I did, I saw more than 40 upgrades go out to guildies who needed them. Already I can see vast improvement of our DPS. I’m very proud of them for working so hard in only 1 week’s time.

So in between the massive heroics each day and a Naxx group going in daily, I found time to grind out my Argent Dawn rep to net me a title, and then I finished off my gnomer rep for a title there, too. On top of the Naxx achievements I didn’t have, it was a bit of spam this week. Now I’m focusing on Sporggar rep, and then I’ll move on to the other netural to exalted grinds I need for that title, as well. So far, I’m 20 factions into the 40 I’d like to eventually have.


20 Factions, Woot!

20 Factions, Woot!



Finally, as a guild we’re beginning to see what we’ve got, and getting to know each other. We did lose two DC’ers already, but everyone else seems to be going pretty strongly. Theres two or three that are being a little bit stubborn about the gear grind we’re having to do, but otherwise, everyone else seems to be on the same page. So, two more weeks of grinding, and off to 25s we go!

WTB More Healers

So, these last few weeks have been downright exhusting. I stepped out of guild management a long time ago, because I am just one of those people who can’t leave it alone. I have to micro manage it and supervise and do everything to make sure it is done right. This time around it isn’t I who holds the deed to the guild, that would be Lutrail… however, due to his schedule versus mine, and a severe lack of healers, I end up scheduling and leading the raids. It’s not a big deal, 3 or 4 days a week isn’t something that is too difficult to make, but since it requires both Garen and I to run at the same time, from 6pm to 9pm our time, a lot gets ignored. 

Usually, we all get home about 4:30, have dinner around 5:30, clean up, do homework and all that. The baby went to bed at 7pm and the older child in bed by 8:30. I usually finished up any homework for the day after that, and Garen and I would try to be in bed by 10:30 or 11, so we can get up at 6:30 the next day. Typical family life right?

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to help my guildies, I love being there for my guild! I just can’t be there everyday… because now our schedule has changed… We get home at 4:30, I get my son done with his homework, and we rush to feed them dinner. We ignore the chores, turn on a movie for the kids, and prepare the raid by 5:30 my time. Leading a raid and watching kids is a skill I think I’ve fine tuned, but it does get incredibly frusterating from time to time. When we aren’t running raids, we are solving issues that arise, healing much needed heroics and farming our own gold for our repairs and reagents. On raid nights I’m rushing to finish my own homework, which is due by 10pm my time. Perviously, I was doing my homework, updating the blog(s), and updating my twitter stuff during the day. Now I am spending the day catching up on the chores we ignored to raid… It was getting tight, but still manageable right?

Well, I had something come up last friday night. My landlord is moving to Arizona, and is selling this house that we live in. She needed us to come down, meet the realtor and sign some paperwork right away because she was leaving the state the next day. This meant that Garen and I would not make our Friday raid. Well, I thought, not a big deal, as on the weekends we have two more healers available. So, I instructed the guild that the should go without us, and to take the two other healers, but a few protested that group two was supposed to stand up that weekend. And they were right, Garen and I had two healed the Naxx ten to free up a healer to work with the weekend healer to try a group two. So, I instructed them to instead, stand up the group two and I would try to take group one later. And so, I left someone in charge, told them to PuG the people they are missing, and logged out, feeling pretty bad.

I hadn’t been gone half an hour yet when I got a phone call from a good friend that is a guildie, telling me one of my tanks has left the guild. Communication issues he said. Great… So I get home about 9:30 my time and log in. I count 4 guildies in Naxx, so I ask whats up? Four was all that showed I was told, except the tank that quit was signed up too, so I asked about it. No one had a real answer other then communication failure, so I hit him up in a tell. I apologize for the error and explained I had something come up. He said he’d been rash, but that he wanted a few days….. So I’ll give him a few days…

But in the meantime, holy crap! I have to not make it for one day and I lose people and raids get messed up? I cannot be the only person capable of doing this…. I assume it must be the lack of healing available that is causing the trouble. I have searched high and low, in PuGs, in the realm forums, even on this blog. The healers on this server are pretty set in their current guilds. I was quickly running out of ideas until a nice woman named Plx whispered me and said, “I heard DC has some people leave the server”. “Yeah” I said. I didn’t know what else to add to it, it’s not excatly a high point for the guild, but she continued on…”We did too. A lot of people. Our guild was known as ‘We Wipe On Trash'”. I’d heard that name before, seen them running around too. I think they had pretty good progression.

“Wow, that sucks,” I said. “Guess we’re in the same boat huh?” 

“Well, thats why I’m talking to you. WWoT and Nephilem on our server suffered the same fate, and so has DC. Our idea is to put the three guilds together into one new guild, and we’ll call it, Abyss”



Holy crap thats a great idea! We’ve got the largest numbers of the three guilds, but Nep and WWoT are a little bit ahead on the gear. I think we had real potential to help each other out, and the guild merger talks were born. So far, the guild has been very positive about the idea, and I anticipate a majority vote after Thursday’s joint run. The runs will no longer depend on me being able to make it! Yay!

So the point of this post? As you may have seen on our guild website, we may be merging with another guild. DC will not die, we will not disband it (if any old DC players are reading this you can take that deep breath now). There are too many bank tabs bought, and the added security that we could always go back should the merger crash and burn (and trust me, they often do). However a few measures have been taken to prevent that from happening.

  1. This is not a rush decision. We’ve been talking for a few days as of right now, but no one is to cast a final thought until after the joint run on Thursday, and we do want to hear from everyone, so it might take a few days to get all the votes.
  2. Garen, Lutrail and I have spoken to Plx of WWoT and Elio of Nep to make sure the leaderships are all on the same page.
  3. We made sure that everyone is welcomed, even friends, family, alts, and those not yet capped.
  4. No talks on offical guild rules, loot systems or any other major choices have been made yet. That will not be done until all three guilds are together into Abyss, and it will be rules we all agree on.

Most of all, the merger should provide the right kind of balance the guild needs to do the runs they’ve been dying to do. Without relying on my schedule to do them. The runs can be earlier for our east coast members, which is a HUGE plus. So, I’m crossing my fingers that the merger is indeed, a success. So far, I’ve enjoyed the members of the other guilds I’ve met.

On a totally unrelated to mergers note, Garen and I attempted to two man MC. We’re both healers, but since I wear plate, I can get away with



a little more then he can. So I tanked/DPS and he healed. We got the trash alright, and we got Luci after a 20 minute fight… but Mag we didnt clear all the dogs for (and got feared into them) and Gahennis got us with a nice big 75% healing nerf curse. I think I’ll need to bring a druid or a mage with us. I’d forgotten what most of the bosses do anymore, and that makes me kinda sad… but hey, I had fun trying.

Also, did anyone ever notice there is a statistic for “deaths by Hoggar”? I thought that was just awesome. Who remembers level 1 alt raids on Hoggar? I do I do! Additionally, in the things I hadn’t noticed before files, did you know it was possible to hit the bottom of the water in the rather large AN drop? I didn’t but, it happened, poor DK.

Also, Jaanu got the coolest achievement of all! Grats Jaanu!

Coolest Achievement Ever!

Coolest Achievement Ever!







Finally, hopefully with the guild changes I’ll have more time to update this blog… I hope.

Stripper Christmas

I was out and about, working on some Winter Veil Acheivements when I ran into fellow blogger and guildmate Jess. She was looking for the Greench and I was, too. We partied up and were on our way. It was a long… boring… and all around dull wait, and it wasn’t too long before we went looking for a little warmth… Snow and all it was me and Jess on the beach… and well, we started putting on the fancy moves… I’ll let you take it from there ^.^ (PS We got the Greench…. eventually)


The weather may be cold... but I know two chicks that are HAWT!

The weather may be cold... but I know two chicks that are HAWT!

Cooking Recipies, and Where to Find Them

**I am aware that the cooking title is currently un-obtainable… however a Blue Post stated that it should be corrected in the next patch**


I am a bit of a perfectionist… I insist on having all the available recipes for any of my professions, and now, with the addition of achievements, I find myself driven even further to achieve perfection. Currently, I am working on the title of “Chef” from finishing all of the cooking acheivements. (PLEASE NOTE you only need 100 learned recipies for the achievement, like I said, I’m a perfectionist) For the most part, this won’t be too difficult. The hardest part I am finding is gettng all 160 recipes. I have 128 of them or so as of right this moment… and so long as I continue to do my cooking daily in Dalaran… I will be only 14 or so short after turning in for all the recipies available from the trainer in Dalaran. Then I will need to go back to Shatt, and try for the Delicious Chocolate Cake, if I don’t get it in the bag from the Dalaran reward. Anyways, since I need to know which recipies are missing and where to find them, here is a collective list of where you, too can find all the recipies you seek, and the quests associated with them. 

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Two Man Ony


Holy Pally Tank

Holy Pally Tank

I took a little break from all this post writing to actually, ya know, play the game I love to write about. Last night I finished up Grizzly Hills, getting the achievement Fo’ Grizzle My Shizzle and dinging 78. I headed off to Stormwind to train up and see what I got brand new. There weren’t any new spells, but some updates for old ones. I noticed that I trained a fire resistance aura to 130 FR. I was a little surprised by this, because I find I don’t use these auras very often… however, I remembered that back in the days when I did Ony and MC, I needed 150 FR as a DPS. This triggered a thought… I bet I could solo Ony! So I mention it to hubby to… and he says “Ok lets go solo Ony!” and I look at him, slightly confused. “Garen… define solo.” He looked kinda hurt so I dragged him, too. I know that two manning is less impressive then soloing, and I assure you, a holy pally at level 78 CAN survive it solo, but you’ll run into problems with re-spawns if you do… here’s what went down…


It took two shots to get her. The first time we were having problems with Garen taking aggro a little too often and me scrambling to heal him up. (Garen is running a shadow priest atm.). Then when she took to the air, we chased her around, and before we knew it, there were respawns beating on me… I let us wipe it out so we could try again.


In The Air

In The Air

As I was running back to the instance I realized that I had abilities I wasn’t using, that I should have been. So I figured out a good spell rotation, and it worked like a charm. Not only could I hold threat fairly well against the CAREFULLY aggro managing shadow priest, I also never ever came close to running out of mana, nor did I need heals from anyone but myself. However, the encounter DID take 34 mins and 02 seconds. It would have taken far longer without Garen, and while I feel that I could have sustained myself even without Garen, the time would have become an issue.


Anyways, the spell rotation I used was this:

Seal of Wisdom (As needed) – This allows me to regen mana on each melee strike.

Judgement of Wisdom – does some holy damage on use, but also adds to mana regen on melee hits

Shield of Righteousness – This is a new spell, and one I forgot about the first time. This does about 1k damage in my level 78 1200 spell power state, and has a nice quick cooldown. Ony is immune to stun effects.

Holy Shock – For me, it does about 2k damage without the magic crit button, and with it, well over 3k. Instant casts are always nice…

Divine Plea – I hit this every single time it was up, even if I did not need it. (I ususally did)

Consecration – Duh

Divine Illumination – I popped this whenever it was up before starting the entire sequence listed above



Avenging Wrath – Yup… I used this… bubble was not an option with the Spriest hanging around, so I popped this whenever it was up

Flash of Light – At the end of each rotation of spells, I popped two of these on myself to top off and started over again… Rinse and repeat.

**Also, you should note that Ony DOES have a hit box on the ground when she is in the air. It is always possible to keep swining your weapon at her.**

With that rotation I never fell below 80 percent mana at any given point, AND I managed to hold threat all the way up to the last 6000 hitpoints… and then garen got… well it wasn’t pretty… but she died. Thats what matters! We each got 78g, and some epics and blues to DE and sell. Also, the Onyxia Achievement. All in all, it was a good time, and it was fun to do an event I’ve not seen in a few years.

Nerf Bosses!

Oh wait, they did. Not that I’m complaining. I don’t mind walking into instances that were once really difficult to learn with a whole bunch of newbies to it, and dropping bosses like they were trash mobs. Which is exactly what we did yesterday. We dropped the Voidwalker chick in TK, then moved on to Winterchill in MH.That was a “by the skin of our teeth” situation. We even took a crack at the second boss in MH, and got pwnt. But I’m ok with that. I ended up with a new belt I wasn’t expecting, so I spent some badges on a trinket. 

Yesterday I managed to complete my Cenarion Circle rep grind and have successfully obtained the title, Pallylust, Guardian of the Cenarion. Which, is just totally awesome. Next up? Ironforge and Gnomeregan Exiles rep for the Ambassador Title, and then on to the Timbermaw, Kuarei and Consortium factions fot thier grinds as well.

Other then that, I’m mostly just waiting time, waiting for the expansion like everyone else.

Zombies, Emperors, and Giants! Oh My!

Zombies @ the Flight Master

Zombies @ the Flight Master

Im sure many of you have noticed the zombies by now. They want your brains. If they get you, soon you too will be craving brains as well, unless you meet up with an Argent Healer before you turn. If you do turn, you can pass on the disease to other players and NPCs also. Sound familiar? Thats because back before TBC there was the ZG aids, which was taken away due to the killing of many many lowbies. Now there are healers next to flight points, which will help prevent you from spreading the plague to other zones, but they sometimes end up with more then they can heal…. Either way, the signs are here, Arthas is on his way… are you prepared? (Ha ha ha, Im so funny!)

I logged in last night intending to farm some Cenarion Circle Rep and Runecloth but ended up instead running Fimly’s lowbies and Lady Jess’ alt into BRD with some help from the hubby. Its been a long time since I actually had to do some quests in there and we ended up backtracking a time or two…. but there was very little dying until I had to go AFK and came back to a dead me and a dead hubby priest. By then though we’d been in a few hours and we were getting tired. I believe Fim finished at least five quests. Jess had never seen the place before so I tried to give her what lore I could remember.

During the run however, I walked out with several stacks of runecloth, and took a moment to knock Jack the Pumpkin King off his throne. All in all I hadn’t forgotten how to do most of the instance, and only got lost once on my way back to the bar from the top of the arena event. 

I’ve still got a whole bucket of stuff to do, and with Christmas fast approaching I have that to worry about too. CC rep is still on the top of the list, which when done, will give me like 23 more reputations to grind to exalted. 20 mounts bought, 30 more to go, and the halloween achievements still require attention. I’ll get on that, right after I finish running the Hunter Duo around for their candy bucket XP.

I had pictures for you but due to an unexpected computer error, it will have to wait.

A Quickie

Ugh. Got the patch installed, tried to log in for about an hour, then finally got in. Loaded up Pallylust, threw in some talent points for now, and then checked out the achievements. Ive got 91 already on her….. and then the world crashed. Can’t move anywhere, can’t do anything…. So I give up until a bit later… I’ll post what I see when I can actually see it. Sorry folks! But this is excatly how I remember it going… at least Blizz is consistant XD, and Im sure the job is not an easy one, so I am not mad, just don’t want to sit around waiting all afternoon. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it later.