It’s That Time Of Year Again…

You know the routine… make a few promises to yourself, keep them easily for a few weeks… feel bad that you didn’t even make it to March… Yup… The New Year is approaching very quickly… and I’m itchin’ for a change…


so you’ll find me over at Verbose, Morose, and Comatose from here on out.

Update your bookmarks! That address is:

I’ll see ya there!


Happy New Year!

Real Life Steps In

At least for a day or two. My husband is being deployed with the USCG for a month and we’re trying to get things in order before he goes. Might even squeeze in some quality time while we’re at it. He’ll leave Sunday morning and I’ll be back full force to fill in that gap of loneliness and boredom. Sorry I’m not savvy enough with this blog yet to prewrite posts, I’ll get around to learning that eventually. So wish me luck and I’ll see you guys in a few days!