Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Alright, so I see I haven’t posted since last January. Bad me, bad. I know, it’s bad practice to take off and not say anything for months… but I was really really busy. So let me see if I can recap a little bit for you.


  1. In February or so I decided to pause my schooling because work and kids and life were seriously getting in the way.
  2. Hayden did some Tae Kwon Do. He managed to get to Green Belt. So proud!
  3. We headed to a Circus in Milwaukee. I haven’t been to one of those in like, forever.
  4. In March, I got my tattoo… That smarted a bit. Rockstar Tattoo is awesome, btw!
  5. Lillie turned 5 in April. She had a small party at Ricky Rat’s… I mean, Chuck E. Cheese
  6. In May, we went to see the animals at the Petting Farm.
  7. Hayden turned 9 in June. He had his party at Lightspeed. Go Karts and Lazer Tag FTW!
  8. In June, Garen began a transfer from Cheboygan, Michigan to Astoria, Oregon. He stopped in Milwaukee to pick us up.
  9. This meant in June I had to quit my job at the Geek Squad, which is too bad, cause I actually really liked my job.
  10. I also got my new phone. Traded in an iPhone 4 for the Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s HUGE!
  11. I spent all of July living at my parents. That was…. fun.
  12. We got to blow stuff up for the 4th of July.
  13. In August we moved into our new house.
  14. August also brought football practice for Hayden… which he then quit last week.
  15. August was also Bill’s 50th birthday. Happy Birthday, Bill!
  16. August is also the start of Lillie’s Soccer Practice. Go girl, Go!
  17. August is also the month the kids began and excelled at Swim Lessons.
  18. We also went camping in August. I don’t love camping.
  19. This weekend we’re headed up to Bremerton to go to the Kitsap County Fair… So excited!

So now you’ve been updated. Sorry for the short recap but there’s really too much to fit into a single post. Here’s some pictures of the missed stuff…

Geek Squad Team

Half of the Squad…

Geek Squad Team

Last day at work with the co-workers. I miss them.

Lillie's Face Painting

Lillie’s Face Painting at the Circus

Hayden Tae Kwon Do

Hayden during Tae Kwon Do

Hayden and Lillie playing LaserTag at Lightspeed

Hayden and Lillie at the Farm


Until Next Time,




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