A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Day 6: A picture of something that makes you happy

Hi! Did you miss me? I’ve been gone a long while… had to move and such, ya know, Coast Guard Life and all. Anyways, this post is a little challenging because it involves me declaring what makes me happy. The problem with this is figuring out what it is exactly that makes me feel great. In general, I really like pictures, so pictures make me happy… but lets see if I can dig out a few that make me feel that seemingly elusive feeling.

I’m gonna go ahead and put a break here due to the many pictures…

First up… These pictures of the kids at Disney World. They both got to be dressed up as characters and treated as such the entire day. The joy they experienced was awesome! In fact, the entire Disney trip was amazing, so I’ll share a few photos


Lillie @Disneyworld getting to be a princess for a day


She had a hard time smiling but I like this picture


Horrible shot of me, but the sheer giggles Lillie had at seeing herself for the first time was wonderful


The anticipation of being dressed up makes Hayden all smiles


Hayden during the makeup process


All finished!

Another thing that makes me happy is finishing something I wasn’t so confident I’d ever do. This involves things like getting my GED, taking on craft projects, and even getting my tattoo.


First quilt I ever finished featuring 100 squares for the 100 years of Boy Scouts for the Blue and Gold.


Getting that first tattoo I mentioned in my introductory

Finally, some pictures that make me happy are just nice pictures. I’m just learning to take photos, but these are photos of things that make me smile


These flowers looked like they were glowing. Taken at the Milwaukee Domes


Took this picture while camping at Mt. Hood


There was a lot of wildlife to take pictures of while camping

I’m sure there are dozens of things that make me happy, but you get the picture. (Ha ha I’m a riot).

Until next time,



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