Pure Moods

Day 5: A song to match your mood

This one is actually kinda tough for me. My mood changes on a moment’s notice, in fact, over the last couple of hours I could easily pick a few songs to match my mood. There’s generally a couple of songs that I end up coming back to time and again, so I’ll list these as my “general moods”. Also, while the versions in my iPod are not edited, I’m playing safe here and listing clean versions of the songs, so enjoy.

Affirmation – Savage Garden

Perfect – P!nk

The First of the Year – Skrillex (This one is a bit different, it’s dubstep, I hear it a lot at work, and the video is interesting, but perhaps a bit intense for small kiddos, though still clean)

So there ya go, it’s kinda like my day, on speed.

Until Next Time,



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