A Rose By Any Other Name…

2nd day in, and I’m already behind. I blame work… or sheer laziness.

Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name

This one is actually pretty easy. I’ve blogged before… and each time I do I spend countless hours stewing over what I want to call the blog. I often lean towards generic names and try to be creative with a thesaurus because there are already over 10 million blogs out there. Previously I’ve titled my blogs as such:

  • Chronic_Lust – A livejournal started way way back when I was 18.
  • AltohoicMom – The first go at serious blogging about World of Warcraft. I originally thought I’d like to blog personally as well on the same site, but eventually dropped the idea.
  • AltoholicsRUs – The second go at WoW blogging, which proved to be far more successful than the first. I dropped the personal side, and I became self hosted… and then I got hacked.
  • Love @ Home – While doing Altoholics I made this blog for personal blogging which I attempted to share with my hubby, it didn’t stick, so I let it go.
  • Misery Loves Company – Attempt to get deep down and personal… ended up feeling entirely TOO personal.
  • Misplaced Sanity – Same as above, I was going to collect all the posts and start over, but ended up being afraid of posting the personal stuff.
  • The One With Reality – Named in the style of the “Friends” series…. “The One With…” I started this one, but in the end didn’t like the name. I also wanted to try out blogger, which I didn’t find all that awesome either…

Which of course leads us to now. When I made this blog I didn’t have a clear intention of what I wanted to write about… I just wanted to write. And since my personality is one full of flaws which include a serious lack in an ability to make a decision, and also the lack of sticking to what I start, I figured a vague title which allowed me to go in any direction was desired. Often times when I’m asked how I’m doing and what have I been up to, I’ll reply with “Oh ya know, just this, that, and stuff”. I decided “such” sounded better than “stuff” and thus, the title was born.

Of course I could have called it “Who Knows What You’ll Find Here” and it’d likely be just as popular. So there you have it… the story behind the name.

Until next time,



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