I Need A Do-Over

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I Call Do Over!


Sure, why not? I keep thinking I enjoy writing… I just never seem to stick to it. I considered other names for this blog that gave off a sense of constantly starting over, some depressive sounding names, some inspiring ones, I even considered calling it blah blah blah assuming no one is really going to read it other than me, and maybe Garen. Usually having a specific topic in mind and sticking to it is helpful in blogging. It helps to build and audience and it helps you to spur along in writing about said topic you love. Previously, I’d tried to do that with Altoholics R Us and it’s predecessor AltoholicMom… They were rather successful, but a hacker that wouldn’t quit sort of put the damper on my drive to continue writing them.

Before that I’d attempted to write about my life in general, several times over. Every single time I’d find myself looking over a post and thinking, geez… no one really wants to read that… and then gave up on it again. This time I still intend to write a bit about my life, but maybe more specifically into the things I do, like crafting and couponing and work, rather than how adorable the kids are and how I wanna strangle them some days. (Even as I write this they are terrorizing a box I had an intention of using to send rather late Christmas presents).

One of my worst personality traits is that I tend to not finish what I start… or I start it over again and again… each time hoping that this time will go better than the last. I am constantly doing-over things I’ve already done… mostly because I can’t do things perfectly on the first shot… but then again, who really can? Perfectionist Fallacy was another name I considered for this blog. Sometimes I feel like I want to call out “DO OVER!” on my entire life, but then I come to my senses and realize things could be much much worse.

This time around on my blog do-over I have no set direction, I have no specific topic.

I hope to develop the intention of this blog as I go. I hope that those who have the misfortune of stumbling across it get the occasional joy out of reading the rambling that pours out of my head on a daily basis… but mostly, I hope this stops that nagging feeling I get that makes me light a fire under my ass to create endless amounts of blogs out there…

Regardless, until next time…



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