Belated Mother’s Day Post

Whoops. I fell behind. The story of my life I tell ya.

Riddle House, Oldest on M.I.

I’ll have to backtrack to Mother’s Day. Garen did a dang good job of ensuring I had a good day. He deserves a post praising the fun I had with my family. I’ll try to keep it brief though, since it was a while ago now.

West Wing

For Mother’s Day I got to head off to Mackinaw Island with my family. Usually, I don’t get around to doing the tourist stuff in the towns I live in, so it was a treat to go and check out the (what I thought would be) overhyped and overly expensive island. The ferry ride was free for the day, and we were also given a free ticket into the Butteryfly House.

The WHOLE House

The ride over was freakin’ frigid. I don’t know how I spaced how cold it is on the water. I grew up in that environment… but we froze all the same for the 18 minute ride. Once we got there the kids wanted to see horses. The island doesn’t have cars. Just horses. Which are awesome, I admit, but Lillie was totally lost on the dang horses.

Butterfly in Lillie’s Hair

We checked out some shops, walked around the main street and some side streets. We found a really old and tiny post office and the oldest building on the island.Then we settled in for some lunch. It wasn’t an amazing lunch, but edible.

Hayden Holding Said Butterfly

After we ate we headed down towards the Butterfly house. To get there you pass a few private residences and bed and breakfast places. I found one house that looked huge. I took a picture while Hayden read the sign. Then after listening to him I realized I’d only taken a picture of a WING of the place. Here I thought this was a HUGE house, and it’s just a huge WING. That was nuts.

Fort on M.I.

The Butterfly House was a hit for both Hayden and Lillie. I hate bugs. I hate bugs that fly, even pretty ones… but I sucked it up and went inside. I’m glad I did. The kids were loving every moment and even got to touch a few of them. One landed in Lillie’s hair and got stuck. Hayden got it out.

Officer’s Quarters

After the Butterfly house we headed up to the Fort. Here I thought it would be some campy recreation of a fort. Nope, it’s the real thing. A lot of the spaces are still in tact, behind glass. It was really awesome to read about these people, how they lived (How some died) and how TB effected them, and how medical practices worked. (I’ve now seen how bloodletting worked). There were real cannons, gun demonstrations, and a cannon firing.

Lillie and I in Jail

The school was cool, but the officer’s homes were the best, in my opinion. Lillie and I even got locked in Jail. Garen couldn’t resist shutting the door and locking us inside. And then he left. No joke.

Oh he knows he did good

After all that, we made our way back down to Main St. Lillie STILL wanted to see the horses so Garen went and flagged someone down and got her a nice little ride. While they did that I snuck off and bought 2.5lbs of fudge. I cannot eat all this fudge… but what I can eat is AWESOME!

So there ya have it… My awesome day at Mackinaw Island for Mother’s Day. Thank you Garen, Hayden and Lillie. I feel special and loved.

Here’s some other shots from the day:

Freezing on the Ferry

Lillie on the Ferry
School House

Hayden on the Ferry
Fort in 1880s
Fort Today
View from the Fort
Old buggy
Hayden outside a Restaurant
Lillie @ Lunch showing us how butterflies go
Post Office, which looks suspicously like a house 🙂



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