Diving Right In

wowscrnshot_011809_234739So, I’ve been helping to run my guild. Our head guy, Lutrail, did some work lately with our ranks and I think we’ve narrowed it down to a much less confusing state of being. Which is awesome. I do think any guild leader should ensure that ranks are not only understood, but that the members know if and how they can promote, even if they aren’t that worried about it. Knowing that you can makes all the difference, in my experience at least.

I’ve noticed that the guild is still a little on edge, though things have certainly calmed down and people aren’t leaving anymore. I recently scheduled a guild meeting for Thursday. I intend to do this fairly often, to not only keep the guild informed, but to keep them INVOLVED. Like right now, we’re recruiting, and really, I don’t like to recruit people I’ve never run with. However, if the members meet someone great on a run, and they’re interested in joining, I am ALL over that.

Still, there were some concerns. A good chunk of the guild approached me in tells or on our forums asking me why we were having this meeting. I think they were worried about bad news. I of course reassured them that communication was important and I was just trying to keep everyone informed, but I think they are still worried. The idea over the guild meeting is to go over a few things and answer any questions. Some topics I intend to cover include:

  1. The Guild Vault – See, we have this vault, and its loaded with goodies, but due to the prior leadership not only leaving up filling up every alt with the goods from the guild, I think others are a little bit afraid to take. I want them to take! So I will make sure to mention this.
  2. The New Ranks – We changed their names, but not really the permissions. There are 9 ranks plus the GM. Each one is moreso an indicator of time in guild, or readiness to raid. Promotion is possible and encouraged. The factors include time in, and upon request. Of course, if someone feels they are in a position they shouldn’t be, or one they WANT to be in, all they must do is say so, and we can talk about it.
  3. Raiding – We put our guild on a mini hiatus while we figured out what we still have and still need. Now that we’ve figured it out we are ready to buckle down and dive right in, so we want to make the guild aware of this. Also that means not running with PuGs every Tuesday so we can run guild runs. We should also discuss the plans for looting, raid schedule, and invite methoods.
  4. Recruitment – Things have gone well with this area. I am closing the Paladin class, the Hunter Class, The Boomkin Druid, and the Warlock. However we are still in need of Mages, 1 Holy Priest, 2 Restro Druids and some Shaman, Elemental or Restro.
  5. Getting to Know Each Other – What I mean by this, is as a healer, I try to get used to healing all of the tanks. They all have different styles, different speeds of obtaining aggro and different aoe abilities. Some die faster then others. Knowing my guildies will make the raids that much easier, and I suggest the same to the guild.


The tank appeared naked in OS

The tank appeared naked in OS

So that’s the plan, anyways. On another note we decided to throw together a ten man VoA last night. We managed to keep it guild only. We got him on the first shot, but it was a little sloppy. I only took two healers, myself and my husband. I wonder if I should have opted for a third. Either way the boss went down, and thats what really matters. Well, that, and I had fun. I was so happy for them, we decided to continue to a 10 man OS. I swapped out three people, brought in an extra priest healer, and a mage PuG. Half of the raid had never been before, so it was a learning experience for them. As for me, I’d only been once successfully, and that was a ten man, so we took our time. We had extra long fights on the double pat group, with the mage not understanding his decursing job, but after quickly instructing my DPS to stop casting with the buff, and trading heals around to keep it from getting worse, we managed to down them.


We also suffered some trouble with the second drake. I had assumed (wrongly) that with three warlocks and a mage (and a hunter too, with a DK OT) that the welps would be a breeze. That wasn’t the case. We wiped three or four times before finally getting the welps under control and downing the drake. We finished up the trash and decided to continue tonight. So here’s to hoping that the guild sees success. I know they need it, really badly.

On another note I went to a Naxx 1o man with another guild called Brothers N Arms. Very nice group of guys, RL friends, the whole guild. So I got in at Gluth and continued to clean the place out. I was greatful for the experience so I can use it to lead my own raids, but I also got lucky and walked out with my tier 7 helm as well. I am so excited for the guild to get in there now, I really think they’ll see great success!


3 thoughts on “Diving Right In

  1. Gratz! Sounds like you’re well on your way. You’re doing everything right and I’d recommend making your guild meeting a weekly thing so everyone knows and expects the time. Have a short agenda to address those things you need to talk about and then just open it up. It seems to be working great in our guild since we started that.

    We usually hold an officers’ meeting right before it to bring up any issues the officers’ see need addressing, then dive into the guild meeting. Mondays seem to work great because hopefully we’re done with raids by then.

    I might also suggest that if you have several inexperienced raiders, that you take a break before boss pulls and go to tankspot.com (or elsewhere) to watch the videos as a group. It eats up valuable raid time, but we tried it and it cut down on the wipes. So we ended up saving time overall.

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