Sarcasm Abound

Is it bad when Garen is posting more often to my blog than I am? Naaaaahhhh we’re married, that means I get half the credit! Anyways, here’s a post from Garen that is totally full of sarcasm, don’t take anything he says to heart… (I never do) – Andrea


I was torn on what to title this post, so I have decided to use them both. I proudly present:


Youre Doing It Wrong!

You're Doing It Wrong!



I do not consider myself to be a scholar by any means, however, there are a number of words that just anger me when people decide to either not pronounce them properly, or just don’t give a rats behind.

I intend to show you how you are, in fact, doing it wrong.

I give you the following:

Medivh is the guy who let the horde into Azeroth. Some people consider him to be a pretty irritating guy. Others think he payed for his mistake in Warcraft III when he setup the whole Mt. Hyjal thing with Thrall and Jaina.
The reason that this word pisses me off so much is because people do not pronounce it correctly. In written type, the name Medivh can be butchered to no end. However, if you have game sounds turned on, or have played Warcraft 3 or Warcraft 2, then you know the truth.
It is not “Med Vuh”.
It is not “Mee duh vuh”.
It is not  “Med Eee Vee”.
The proper pronunciation is “Meh-Deeve”
The next time someone screws this up, smack them, kick them from the guild, educate them, then publicly ridicule them on the realm forums.

Shattrath is the city of refugees that is stuck in the corner of Terokkar forest. You can’t PvP there, but you can throw yourself from the aldor rise and successfully kill yourself.
The reason that this work pisses me off so much is again, pronunciation. I look at this word and see something very simple. Let’s do a breakdown. Shall we?


People call this city “Shatt” for short. It’s easier. It has a good flow to it. People enjoy doing it. So, tell me, how the hell do these same well educated people look at this work and see Shatharuh city?
That’s right, “Shath-uh-ruh”. 
The next time someone screws this up, smack them, kick them from the guild, educate them, then publicly ridicule them on the realm forums.

This is a reletivily new one that pisses me off. The city has been in the game since day one. However, people have only recently begun to butcher the name. Blizzard uses the Long “A” sound, the short “A” sound, and the “Uh” sound for “A’s” all the time. The trick is knowing when to use what.
So, lets look at this word.
I’ll give you a hint. There are who long A’s and an UH.
The proper pronunciation is as follows. 
DAL. That’s like “HAL” from A space odyssey: 2001.
UH. That’s like “Uh, wut?”
RAN. Like…. Ran. If you try and read too deep into that one, you need kicked in the back of the knee.
Don’t say it like you are English, or Australian, or a Kiwi, or any other breathy sounding nationality. That is, unless you really ARE one of those nationality, then it just sounds awesome! Seriously, ask an Australian to say “Water”. It’s great! But like I was saying…
It’s an AAAH. Kinda like your screaming. If you don’t understand me yet, get in my vent server and I’ll say it for you. REPETEDLY!

This one makes me want to claw my eyes out.
It’s a Re-“A”-gent.
Not a rEEjent.
Not a rEE”g”ent.
It’s a  RE “A” GENT.

Last time I checked, Blizzard had an age limit to play this game (I could be wrong), but I’m pretty sure you should kinda have some knowledge of how to spell if you are going to use the chat function.
I’m going to be blunt here, I apologize in advance.
ROGUE = Sneaky thief guy who can sap, steal, and pops lock boxes. Usually picked last for groups.
ROUGE = Powdery make up that some women put on their faces so that rich guys will buy them food so that boobs can be squeezed!
Got it?
You screw it up again and I’ll kick you in the shin so hard your dog will limp from sympathy.

Scholomance was a school of magic before the invasion of the horde and the arrival of the scourge. Back in Vanilla WoW, a lot of players complained about Scholomance simply because it was a pain in the butt to get any good gear out of there for your specific class. This meant that EVERYONE was running the place. Since everyone was running the place, a lot of people were pronouncing it wrong. This is why I hate this word. Now, I don’t REALLY hate it. I like this word a lot when it is pronounced properly. It makes me smile. But when it gets butchered… I just want to SCREAM!
Scholomance. Everyone gets the “MANCE” part right. Kudos to everyone for that.
But, the Scholo is the part that makes me cringe. 
SCH can make a “SH” sound in some cases. But, not in this one. 
The SCH makes the SK sound that you get from the word School.
The scholo (being a school after all) almost sounds like school when pronounced properly, but it is actually…
Easy, right?

There are a few other words in WoW that really anger me, but I have chosen to not chronicle them at this time. If you feel the need to get into vent with me, I’ll be happy to discuss words and such. But right now, this is a good starter.
DON’T SCREW THEM UP! Or I’ll kick you from the guild, educate you, then ridicule you on the forums!


10 thoughts on “Sarcasm Abound

  1. [quote]Last time I checked, Blizzard had an age limit to play this game (I could be wrong)[/quote]

    Wrath is rated T for Teen.

    Don’t worry, Andrea, we’ll still read your posts! 😉

    Oh, and it’s Meh-Lee-Nar.

  2. I know what you mean. The part that really frosts my cookies is rogues that cannot spell their own class properly. They look at the word every single time they log in, but no, it’s still “Rouge” /spit

    ❤ Scholomance, by the way. I ran that place so much back in the day, and even now, two-manning it with my hubby at 70/80, still cannot get Gandling to drop the hunter hat. But still, it was always fun, I loved all the little mini-bosses and such, they just don’t make ’em like that any more!

  3. I’m a T for Teen ^.^ And I’m happy to say I’ve been pronouncing all of those words correctly…

    I make up all my character names so I’m used to people not reading my mind to figure out how they’re pronounced… But the vent man always gets it right why can’t others =P

    Zath-rain. And people still manage to screw it up >.>” lol

    Thanks for the post made me giggle.

    X’s and O’s

  4. One of my colleagues plays WoW and we often have discussions about who’s been where and he butchers practically every name in the game. He’s 30, articulate and well-educated but it seems like he just recognises patterns of letters (visually) and never actually thinks about how those letters sound, he just says something that’s a close approximation of most of the letters in that particular word. I correct him so often I’m starting to feel like his mother!

    My own personal downfall is Furbolgs. I was a blog reader/write for years before WoW and I always said it ss “FUR-BLOGS” – I’d been calling them that for about a year when one of my kids pointed out the spelling which I’d never even noticed *blushes*

    The one that really sets my teeth on edge is when, in voice chat, I get called HOO-lan. The correction that it’s hoo-LAN is always made quietly but through gritted teeth 😉

  5. Here’s one I got in an argument with someone about.


    After pronouncing it leebram, with a long e, I was publicly ridiculed. So I asked how they pronounced it to which they said ‘lib-ram’ like in ‘lip’. They laughed until I pointed out how Libra is pronounced ‘leebra’ and now no one’s sure.

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  7. The silly Shattrath pronunciation is possibly from that “Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story” YouTube series where it’s sort of a running joke.

    “Shatthera was the new Ironforge! It was the in!”

    …love that series…

  8. Just a little nitpick…

    “So, lets look at this word.
    I’ll give you a hint. There are who long A’s and an UH.
    The proper pronunciation is as follows.
    DAL. That’s like “HAL” from A space odyssey: 2001.
    UH. That’s like “Uh, wut?”
    RAN. Like…. Ran.”

    I think you mean there are two SHORT A sounds…

    (don’t hit me!)

    Anyway… funny post 🙂

  9. You might want to consider running a spell check on your “rant”… just a suggestion. Also, capitalize nouns…


    /end comment

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