Well, Damn.

I’ve been dreading posting this, because I fear it will rehash the disaster of a weekend my guild just experienced, but I’m gonna suck it up and post it anyways. So I recently found this guild, and I really thought it was going to work for us. The group was chatty and friendly, and it seemed like a good place to be. We started raiding with two groups and as far as I could tell, all was fine. However, before and after Naxx last weekend, the officers and GM apparently had a few meetings, and quietly decided to xfer off our server because of the queues we’d recently been experiencing.

Thats all fine and dandy… except only the officers knew… and only the officers (and one or two members, after the fact) went. Two officers stayed, and they said they’d been out of the loop too. So I logged in Friday Morning just in time to see guild lead passed off to one of the two officers who stayed. No goodbyes, no explination… just gone… along with a tab or two out of the guild vault and 5,000 gold that members donated to the guild bank. 

So I hopped into vent with the new guild leader and quickly put together what was going on. We were in vent maybe ten minutes when that got shut down… so I offered up mine. I quickly began planning along with our new GM (who quickly promoted myself and hubby to co-gms) and started work on a new website as well… A few members decided to xfer too, and a few decided to leave guild but to stay on the server… but a good chunk have decided to hang out with us.

After many questions and upset guildies I’ve only known for a week, I decided to go to the forums, and call out the old leadership on this exodus, going so far as to say leaving that way was a chickenshit thing to do… and it exploded. I’ve been called crazy, I’ve been told I’m making a martyr of myself. Either way, I have to say I must have riled up a few feathers, because they’ve shut down that website, too. They’ve gone on to make the guild Absoultion… ironic huh?

Either way, guess I’m back into the leadership role. Obviously they haven’t hurt us too badly, as we threw up a ten man Naxx on the calendar just to see if we’d have enough…. and we do. I’ll work on our new website some more and recruit the few holes we have… (We have NO mages… how did that work out??) and we’ll move on… but it’s been a…. stressful weekend. I sure can pick me a guild, huh?

Either way… we’re recruiting… if you are interested, please visit our forums at http://www.damagecontrolguild.net/forums and drop an app… we’re in need of at least 1 of each class!

Guess I’ve got some time to work on my alts.


9 thoughts on “Well, Damn.

  1. Ugh, I’ve been through similar situations. In-game guild drama FTL!

    3+ years ago when the first transfers (for free) opened up, my GM at the time took note to be blacklisted and thus xfer off the server with 90% of the guild. Those of us that remained had gotten left behind on “accident”. So I eventually transferred as well. The “blacklisting” back then was unfortunate drama, BS and actually a real thing. This “child” who had control of a major raiding guild decided our GM screwed him. I don’t know the story and never cared to find out. I just knew I’d have drama trying to find groups for at LEAST a month (nothing lasts forever). Since I hate confrontation, I just left with the guild.

    Within a week I left the guild. It just wasn’t the same. Started up my own guild and became a GM for the first time. I enjoyed the casual atmosphere.

  2. how irresponsible of your prev gm and officers making such major decision without any explanation, other than because of the queue – it’s not a good reason! even if it is, they should say something!

    my guild cleared most 10man instances without a mage. you should be fine for the timebeing.

  3. Sad story. I certainly can understand your feeling of betrayal. Good luck with repairing an rebuilding the guld again. Well, if it’s any comfort I guess it will give you a lot of stuff to blog about…

  4. I have been through a guild implosion and it is never pretty. Good luck in your search for new members…..too bad you are on the wrong side.:)

  5. Thanks for the support everyone… I’ll be working on this guild for a while before its fully back on its feet again, but I’m excited to see where it goes. If all else fails I can always search for a guild again, but I want to give this a fair shot. I appreicate all the support!

  6. Well that’s just being an absolute asshat.

    When you’re a GM/Senior Officer, you have a responsibility and a commitment to your guild. If you think server-switching like that is ok, well then maybe you shouldn’t be a GM/Senior Officer.

  7. See if you can figure out where they transferred to and poison the atmosphere for them. Just say they make a guild, wait for members to donate stuff and then take it and xfer off the server…

    I am not usually pro reputation bashing like that but leaving an entire guild hanging by xferring off the server is a dab underhanded.

    Make a nice one for wowinsider under guild drama too I wager 😛

  8. @Captain The First – While I was and still am quite frusterated over the situation, smearing the drama onto other servers or onto WoW Insider I see myself doing. I wanted to vent about it here, yes, and explain my sudden management of a guild, but generally I just want to move forward. Besides that the server they moved to has been locked down, and Im not much for forum debates. But really, I can appreciate the thoughts. XD

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