Spider Wing Cleared

I’ve been slacking on the posting. Been having some RL medical stuff come up and I’ve been extremely distracted by it. However, recently I got to see a REAL rogue and the kind of damage it can do, I leveled engineering up to 422, I fished my heart out for some coins and got the Silver in the City achievement, and I picked up my very last recipe from Dalaran, leaving me 14 short of my 160. There’s the tidbits, now on to the good stuff.

wowscrnshot_010609_184430As I mentioned, my group of server hopping guild searching refugees friends recently found a home in the guild Damage Control. Things have been awesome, and all in all I don’t think we’ve ever been so widely accepted before. Everyone seems to be happy and that leaves me a lot more time to worry about myself. Yesterday, was regular raid day for the guild. They’d been doing 1 group for 10 man Naxx. Last night, thanks to the addition of two uber awesome healers, (ahem) we were able to get two off the ground. Group 2, my group, had about half a raid full of nooblets, including myself, to Naxx, but that didn’t stop us. With only one wipe on the last boss in the Spider Wing, we managed to clear them all with EASE even, and started down the plague wing before calling it a night. Tonight the guild has Heroic OS, lets hope we can get him totally on our own.


5 thoughts on “Spider Wing Cleared

  1. I know what you mean by extremely distracted medical things. I hope everything is ok with that.

    Gratz on clearing the spider wing.

    I am interested though, how did you find your guild that transferred to? wowforums?

  2. Gratz! That’s an amazingly annoying little achievement to get. I kept fishing the same coins for hours. Now where’d that giant rat get to…?

    Gratz on the 2nd Naxx group as well. We just filtered out a lot of people yesterday after our 2nd Naxx group didn’t fare so well. And by filter I mean they /gquit. People are so impatient. /sigh

  3. @ Drazmor – There are three in fact, (and one meta achievement). One for getting all the copper coins, all the silver coins, and all the gold coins, and then one for doing all three.

    @ Wtfspaghetti – I should be fine, doctor thinks I have MRSA is all, and that means lots of meds and appointments to keep, but thank you for your concern. As for the guild, I did a search on BossKillers for a list of guilds and then checked out their website. Thanks for the grats!

    @ Kyrilean – I haven’t gotten the rat yet either. Good luck with that. Thanks for te grats on the second group, but I wouldn’t get too carried away. We lost a small handful of people ourselves in the last day to the free xfers to the new server, thanks to the queue. Crossing my fingers we’ll still be able to run two!

  4. Imposs is paying good money for healers … you know, if you’re looking! (We’re so hard up for heals I’ve been trying to addict my sister to WoW. I mean been trying to get her online to meet men. I mean give her a fun game to play.)

    Conga rats on finding a new home! Fun, welcoming guilds are hard to come by.

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