In with the New!

wowscrnshot_010209_221205My group of friends and I have found a new home for ourseleves in a guild called Damage Control. I really like this group already and fits into the majority of standards I had set with Infusion. It’s even run by a female GM who’s name is also Andrea. Go figure… We’d been in the guild about an hour when we decided to do a run of Heroic OS. I’d never been before but the concept is actually pretty simple. We took 6 tries to get the last boss… with most of the wipes occuring at 4% or less due to bad management of adds. The group as a whole functioned well together, even though we had several PuGs. 

It was great to try a new place again and as far as “Heroic” mode goes the place really was cake. For myself, I stayed halfway between the melee and the full ranged area. I watched for the range wave, hubby watched for the melee one (the ranged is always on the left, the melee on the right.) I called out a five second warning and then we called out the wave we saw. It was very easy. The adds were taken care of thanks to the fact that we had like 7 mages present. Coordination is what took us six tries, but once we got it down it makes you wonder what was hard about it.

Its nice to be on runs again.


6 thoughts on “In with the New!

  1. Nice to see you running instances again. Gee my account was hacked and I was banned for a while so it put a damper on things but blizz is slowly getting things worked out.

  2. Gratz! And I agree our first time in heroic we wiped a few times due to add management, but it was rather simplistic for a 25 man raid. Several people were still in quest greens.

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