Farewell, Mythos

I am sad to annouce that I recently departed my guild Mythos. I had severe disagreements with the way the guild was handled, and found that comprimise could NOT be reached. Granted, its far more involved then I am letting on, but I refuse to say much about it… no sense making drama out of this…. So hubby, Dechion and I have parted ways with them. (Though I’m sure Dech has his own reasons for leaving…I’ll let him tell his story.) Either way, no hard feelings. There are quite a few people I will miss… but it just wasn’t going to work for me.

So for now, I’ve stuck my toons into one of my own “holder guilds” I call them. Its not fun to run around as an unguilded healer. You get lots of spam. So holder guild it is… until I figure out a new home for us. 

So… now with all the snow outside… and the no guild thing in the game… its feeling pretty boring in my life atm. I’ll work on being more interesting.


6 thoughts on “Farewell, Mythos

  1. That’s sad to hear. I hope you’ll find a new nice home soon. Being out in the middle of nowhere is never nice for any longer period, even though it surely must help to have a couple of friends with you.

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  3. I suppose when you play in regards to enjoying being in a guild, not being in one can be a bit odd or boring. It’s been a long time since I felt like I belonged to a guild. When I was raiding Kara/Gruuls with Hawk it was one of the last times I ever felt like I fit into a “family”. They invited me along, enjoyed my company and we all got along really well. It ended when people moved on and did other things, including myself.

    I guess it’s odd at times, but I keep most of my characters guildless or in a bank alt’s guild (to aviod that spam you speak of).

    I just joined a guild yesterday on my priest and am already thinking of departing. There’s just no spark there. No reason for me to stay and “belong”…at least that’s how it feels.

    I dunno… /shrug

    I hope you find a home soon though. Feeling comfortable and belonging where you want is something that’s definitely up there on the list. Until then, you have our support!

  4. Sorry to hear. I myself have contemplated leaving my guild that I helped start. Being a part of that community is a great thing when it’s going in conjunction with what you’re looking for and miserably awful when it isn’t. But for me things got a little better fortunately.

    During the times I thought about quitting I wondered what I would do during that time. I like to raid and I like alts, but I don’t want to play just alts. They have to have a goal and that’s raiding. So it would be tough for me to not be part of a guild and not being the extremely social type with people I don’t know, it’d be hard to find a new ‘home’.

    Wish you good luck and hope you get there soon!

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