Basic Training


Heroic Nexus

Heroic Nexus

Thats what I’m going to call this. Yesterday was an exhusting day for me. I ended up running three heroics (Violet Hold, The Nexus, and Uteguard Keep) with Lady Jess at my side throwing the heals. (Two healers in a heroic?! You read right, we have the awesome tank and DPS to pull this off, and successfully did so with PuGs. This is a very good option for healers when getting to know how the heroics work.) I also ran three regular runs as well… making for six runs total. Poofnstab hit 73 yesterday as well, and my DK, Darkenedlust, is nearing very close to 64. In terms of WoW it was a very productive day… in terms of my real life? Well, I did get off the couch to have a smoke here and there.


So, all of these runs netted me Revered with the Kirin Tor. Why them first? Well… this little head enchant would be the reason. Now that I’ve netted myself that, I’ll move on to the next rep. Ideally, this would be the Argent Crusade, for this helm and this ring… but since I’ve not gotten their tabbard yet, I’ll work for the Wrymrest Accord. After Argent Crusade, the goal is to work on the Sons of Hodir (whom I also don’t have a tabbard for yet… bad Andrea…. bad bad Andrea.) for their lovely shoulder enchants.

Finally, after many many runs in various regular instances, I got my first upgrade from an instance run… these shoulders… which have now nearly pushed me over the 1700 number on my spell power. Its getting easier and easier to heal but there are some encounters that make me nervous. Hopefully that will fade soon. Until then I’m taking that stripper…. I mean LADY Jess, along for the ride.


3 thoughts on “Basic Training

  1. Rofl on some of the instances I’ve rolled I wished I had two healers to back me up. I’ve run into to some very…. Bad healers lately.

    I mean dang if I invest the time to spec right and get my defense gear right and do the research to be the best I can be. I would expect a druid to know what lifebloom is. Rofl

    Oh I’m don’t write ups over on for the DK now. Still doing of-2minds but Grim asked me to write over there so I thought what the heck?


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