Holy Paladin Spec

Hope everyone had a Happy Weekend! On a personal note a young girl passed away this weekend that was suffering from a tumor in the brain for the last four years. Please keep Hadley Fox’s family in your prayers as they spend this Christmas season coping with the loss of their daughter.

I managed to hit 80 finally this weekend, and that means its time to start gearing up and choosing a spec, here’s the one Im pretty set on.

Here’s my intended spec for level 80 raid/pve healing: (51/0/20)

The first thing you might notice, is that I did not take Blessing of Kings. Why not? Well, I’m going to try out this build and see what it does for a Crit/Haste build.

So, now, lets break down the spec. Starting with the Holy Tree.

Tier 1:

Spiritual Focus (5 points) – Reduces pushback on spells by 70 percent. I put five points here. Its always nice to get a spell off even when you’re getting the beat down

Tier 2:

Divine Intellect (5 points) – Increases Int by 15 Percent. This should be a “duh” factor but just in case it isn’t, in this crit/haste build (or any holy build) I will not be focusing on Int or Mp5 as top priority, so i gotta take it where I can get it.

 Healing Light (3 points) – Increases healing on Flash of Light and Holy Light and effectiviness of Holy Shock by 12 percent. The ultimate thing about being holy? Packing as much punch into a heal as you can. This talent will help you there.

Tier 3

Illumination (5 points) – Gives mana back 100 percent of the time when you crit. This is essential to the paladin’s ability to sustain for long period of time! Do not skip this one.

Improved Lay on Hands (2 points) – Give the target 50% armor bonus for a few seconds, and reduces the cooldown by 4 mins. Its not an essential talent, but I needed to stick in two points somewhere to continue down the tree, and this seemed the most reasonable for healing.

Tier 4

Improved Blessing of Wisdom (2 points) – Increases the effect of Blessing of Wisdom by 20 percent. ZOMG what? More mana and Mp5? Wootness!

Tier 5

Divine Favor (1 point) – Grants a new spell that, when activated, gives my next heal spell (Flash of Light, Holy Light or Holy Shock) a 100% chance to crit. I usually pop this with a Holy Shock when I run into trouble and the tank takes a massive hit.

Sanctified Light (3 points) – This grants a 3% increase on the chance to crit when using Holy Light or Holy Shock. Both are not spells I use often, but when I DO need them, it’d be awesome if they crit.

Tier 6

Holy Power (5 points) – Increase the crit chance of my holy spells by 5%. This should be self explanitory for a crit build. Holy Pallies get mana back on crits, get high enough crit rating and Mp5 issues are a thing of the past… at least, thats the theory.

Tier 7

Light’s Grace (3 points) – Gives my Holy Light spell a 100% chance to decrease the next cast of Holy Light by .5 seconds. This is awesome for healing up a tank. Yes Holy Light can and does hit for 11k healing in crap gear at 1300 spell power, but a well geared tank can be sporting 30K health… so if they’re really low it will take a couple of shots to fill them up. This spell can speed up that process.

Holy Shock (1 point) – Gives the new spell, Holy Shock. This is an instant cast heal or DPS spell with a 6 second cool down. It is not mana effient to spam it when healing, but its occasional use can save a party member from very near death. I use this a lot when doing dailies and such, too.

Tier 8

Infusion of Light (2 points) – When Holy Shock crits (use Divine Favor, and it will!) this ability reduces the cast time of Holy Light by 1 second and Flash of Light by 1.5, making it an instant cast. This works out great in a situation where many people in your group are low at once. Pop Divine Favor and Holy Shock on one, and then an instant cast Flash of Light on another. If you had Beacon up on your tank, you’ve just fully healed three out of your five in two seconds or less.

Holy Guidance (5 points) – Increases spellpower by 20% of my intellect. Every little bit helps, right?

Tier 9

Divine Illumination (1 point) – Gives a new spell that when activated reduces mana cost of spells cast by 50% for 15 seconds. I usually pop this after Divine Plea has run out, increasing how long I can keep healing for. I try to predict heavy healing before I pop it though.

Enlightend Judgements (2 points) – Increases the range of my judgements by 30 yards, and increases hit chance by 4%. Not really a nessecary addition to this spec, you could put these two points anywhere in the tree. I choose this because I like to throw judgement of light on a boss sometimes and watch my tank throw heals of his own.

Tier 10

Judgements of the Pure (5 points) – Using judgements increase haste by 15% for 1 minute. This is a crit/haste build, after all.

Tier 11

Beacon of Light (1 point) – Gives a new spell that I usually put up on a tank. Allows any healing I do to anyone else in the group to heal the tank, too. You can do this the other way around, and put it on a squishy and then spam the tank. This spell effectively allows a paladin to heal two people (three or more if you have the Holy Light Glyph) at the same time.

Ret Tree

Tier 1

Benediction (5 points) – Reduces mana cost of instant spells by 10 percent. Divine Favor, Illumination, Beacon of Light, and Holy Shock are all instant cast spells. This talent has potiental.

Tier 2

Heart of the Crusader (3 points) – Judgements increase crit chance against the target. Obviously you aren’t going to be judging your tank, so really, this spell is not needed, but we needed to get to the next tier so we put the points here.

Improved Blessing of Might (2 points) – Increases the attack power by 25%. Melee love this stuff.

Tier 3

Conviction (5 points) – Increases crit strike of spells and attacks by 5%. Yay more crit means more mana back and bigger heals. We like bigger heals.

Pursuit of Justice (2 points) – Decreases disarm effects by 50 percent, and increases movement speed by 15%. These were the last two points I had and I put them here on the idea that if Line of Sight becomes an issue, I can get to my target that much faster. You can put these two points anywhere you like, including into Blessing of Kings if you wish. I decided I wanted to run fast XD

Tier 4

Sanctified Seals (3 points) – Increases crit chance by 3% with spells and attacks. Also reduces chance of seals to be dispelled by 100%. This of course adds to my crit stat for this build… which is what I intended it to do… but has the added bonus of your seals not being dispelled.

And there you have it. So far I’ve had success with this build. Let me know if it works out for you.


7 thoughts on “Holy Paladin Spec

  1. Healadin FTW! I personally love paladin healing. The ONLY reason why my healing alt won’t be a paladin is I’ve already leveled 2, I don’t really want to level a 3rd. Plus we have 2 healadins in the guild, and only 1-2 priests.

    I’m interested to see how BoL works in upper level instances/raids. I see big application in 10 mans for tank/off-tank use.

  2. I’ve been working on pally healing guides over the last month or so and I pretty much agree with everything you have here.

    I would like to point out that Englightened Judgments is a pretty good choice. Now you can judge from 40 yds without having to close the distance and allow the raid minor heals. Closest thing to a HoT as we’re ever likely to see. (Glyph of Flash of Light notwithstanding. Yuck!)

    Yes, the judgement only heals for roughly 300hp and at random, but it still adds up in a lengthy boss fight. I’m still training myself to keep it active.

  3. Excellent build, I used one pretty much exactly like it when I first started healing heroics. I ended up ditching Pursuit of Justice and Sanctified Seals in favour of Blessing of Kings in the end, and I still miss that extra 3% chance to crit.

  4. @Fish – Originally I leveled Pally to be a tank. I even ran her as Main Tank in BC. It went well, and I enjoyed it. But my guild was in great need of healers. I was reserved about Paladin healing. I had a holy priest on the horde side and being limited to two heal spells was not ideal to me… but I tried it, and I LOVE it.

    @Kyrilean – I’m glad to hear the spec sounds promising. I’m still kinda learning as I go, and what I share here is of course a matter of my point of view, not everyone will agree. I tested this one out last night in a ten man with a druid and myself healing. it went well. And I agree with the judgement, every little bit helps

    @Kirioth – I’m just starting to heal heroics again. I did heal them in BC and healed in ZA and BT. There’s a few changes that have altered the way healing is done now, and its still fun. I so far have tried out a few instances with the new spec, and its been successful thus far. We’ll see how it goes into heroics and ten mans.

  5. so tonight was my first night healing… your spec worked out great for me. kyrilean said still got get used to keeping judgement going. but in all thanks a bunch for the great spec. 🙂

  6. I recently respecced to Holy cause my guild is gonna need healers for endgame and just to try it out. I’ve healed instances a pinch as ret and prot specs and did 1/2 way decent but NOTHING compared to holy. To test it out I healed an Utgarde run and my mana barely went below half! Granted we had a good tank but the mana efficiency is really good. Also I’ve found out there’s a lot of holy pally gear that drops in instances (ie plate with spell power, mana regen, and crit). And of course we’re the only ones that can use it 🙂 And I’ve been critting pretty well too, I 2 manned steamvault with an 80 guildie and I drew aggro a few times crit healing. So for anyone wanting to give it a try go for it, I’ve enjoyed it and I was able to gear for it pretty easy.

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