Too Nice?

So much for kindness

So much for kindness

I’ve always been a nice kinda girl… I’ll smoother you in motherly love sometimes even… but if you get on my bad side, I’ll also put you in your place. My friends know that I say crude and mean things because it’s funny, and of course I never really mean it. If I actually do ever offend anyone, I go out of my way to apologize… it’s just not in my spirit to be mean, but I suppose I would, if I had to. However, yesterday, I was flying around the good old Basin, grabbing up some ore to level my blacksmithing with. I checked around each node first, and tried to ensure I wasn’t jacking one from someone who was clearing up to it… and for more than an hour I had no problems… until I was mining a node and a mage walked up and simply said “Thx”. 

I felt bad. I hadn’t seen him and I didn’t jack the node from him on purpose, and the Basin is full of all kinds of ore, so I offered up the ore I had just mined. “I need the exp.” was all he said. No “hey thats real nice of you, but I don’t need it.” or anything of that sort. I apologized again and he finally said “np”. I flew off, but only for about two seconds before I found another node. So I sent the mage another tell, that there was a mine at X,Y coords. Then I sent one more that said it was all his, but he logged off… Now, it is entirely possible he had to go… but logging off because I was trying to be nice? I don’t know why but it frusterates me. All this complaining and asshattery going on, and when I try to be nice I get the cold shoulder!

Anyways, it threw me off. On an unrelated note I am busting out the next “guide” of sorts… A complete list of all the cooking recipies in the game, and where to find them… helps with both the leveling of cooking, AND one of the achievements for the title of Chef, which is what I am currently working on… so look forward to it… it should be done soon… and yes, it is the post I spoke of that includes the cooking dailies in it.


8 thoughts on “Too Nice?

  1. It honestly happens sometimes. He probably really thought nothing of it.
    He probably really was wanting to get the skill up and the ore wasn’t as important.

    Try not to think on things like that too hard. I don’t. It just tends to make the game easier.

  2. Agreed. Chances are he didn’t want the ore, but still. The way you describe and show it sorta says he was still annoyed and upset even though you tried to apologize. I think he could have handled it better.

    That said, don’t let that stop you from still being nice. 🙂

  3. You are both likely correct, I was mostly just surprised that I had tried to be kind, and was, for the most part, rejected on it… But the fact that I may have even driven him to log off is astounding to me. Thanks for the support, I’ll continue to be kind. I don’t like having nodes jacked out from under me, so I’ll try not to do it to others.

  4. We could probably sit here a draw tons of conclusions for example 1) He was a kid and mom said dinner time? 2) Teenager and maybe he did get mad, grow up life is full of dissapointment even in video games. 3) insert another reason here.

    You did right you tried to be polite and apologize and make compromise if some of the douches on my server gave me half the courtesy I would be happy.

    Also what server you play on and faction?

  5. @Darkdeeds – I currently play most actively on the Alliance side of Draenor. My horde characters are on Gnomeregan but I have not seriously played them in over a year.

    Thanks for the feedback, it helps to know that I didn’t do anything wrong.

  6. @altoholicmom Cool Cool. I’ve played both sides of the spectrum and back when the game first came out I found that horde was usually a little more grown up acting and alliance were alot of young kids (being the good guys mentality).

    Recently that’s not so much the case. I’m always trying to make friends on different servers. And I have 70s spread through out the spectrum of servers. (I don’t believe in character transfer)

  7. Just my 2 cents, I’ve run into something similar only to find out later, that the reason the other person wasn’t responding promptly was because English wasn’t their native language. It seems not-unlikely that you may have encountered the same thing. Either way you tried to be nice, that’s what matters 🙂

  8. When you’re nice to people and apologise when you think you’ve done wrong, whether they respond properly or not you can rest assured that you did the right thing. If they don’t reply… well, it says a lot more about them than you!

    Also, as Argosol said, language can be a problem in this game, it could have been a case of simple misunderstanding.

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