Two Man Ony


Holy Pally Tank

Holy Pally Tank

I took a little break from all this post writing to actually, ya know, play the game I love to write about. Last night I finished up Grizzly Hills, getting the achievement Fo’ Grizzle My Shizzle and dinging 78. I headed off to Stormwind to train up and see what I got brand new. There weren’t any new spells, but some updates for old ones. I noticed that I trained a fire resistance aura to 130 FR. I was a little surprised by this, because I find I don’t use these auras very often… however, I remembered that back in the days when I did Ony and MC, I needed 150 FR as a DPS. This triggered a thought… I bet I could solo Ony! So I mention it to hubby to… and he says “Ok lets go solo Ony!” and I look at him, slightly confused. “Garen… define solo.” He looked kinda hurt so I dragged him, too. I know that two manning is less impressive then soloing, and I assure you, a holy pally at level 78 CAN survive it solo, but you’ll run into problems with re-spawns if you do… here’s what went down…


It took two shots to get her. The first time we were having problems with Garen taking aggro a little too often and me scrambling to heal him up. (Garen is running a shadow priest atm.). Then when she took to the air, we chased her around, and before we knew it, there were respawns beating on me… I let us wipe it out so we could try again.


In The Air

In The Air

As I was running back to the instance I realized that I had abilities I wasn’t using, that I should have been. So I figured out a good spell rotation, and it worked like a charm. Not only could I hold threat fairly well against the CAREFULLY aggro managing shadow priest, I also never ever came close to running out of mana, nor did I need heals from anyone but myself. However, the encounter DID take 34 mins and 02 seconds. It would have taken far longer without Garen, and while I feel that I could have sustained myself even without Garen, the time would have become an issue.


Anyways, the spell rotation I used was this:

Seal of Wisdom (As needed) – This allows me to regen mana on each melee strike.

Judgement of Wisdom – does some holy damage on use, but also adds to mana regen on melee hits

Shield of Righteousness – This is a new spell, and one I forgot about the first time. This does about 1k damage in my level 78 1200 spell power state, and has a nice quick cooldown. Ony is immune to stun effects.

Holy Shock – For me, it does about 2k damage without the magic crit button, and with it, well over 3k. Instant casts are always nice…

Divine Plea – I hit this every single time it was up, even if I did not need it. (I ususally did)

Consecration – Duh

Divine Illumination – I popped this whenever it was up before starting the entire sequence listed above



Avenging Wrath – Yup… I used this… bubble was not an option with the Spriest hanging around, so I popped this whenever it was up

Flash of Light – At the end of each rotation of spells, I popped two of these on myself to top off and started over again… Rinse and repeat.

**Also, you should note that Ony DOES have a hit box on the ground when she is in the air. It is always possible to keep swining your weapon at her.**

With that rotation I never fell below 80 percent mana at any given point, AND I managed to hold threat all the way up to the last 6000 hitpoints… and then garen got… well it wasn’t pretty… but she died. Thats what matters! We each got 78g, and some epics and blues to DE and sell. Also, the Onyxia Achievement. All in all, it was a good time, and it was fun to do an event I’ve not seen in a few years.


3 thoughts on “Two Man Ony

  1. Thanks for this post. Just when I was looking into bringing my paladin to Onyxia for finally forging Quel’Serrar (got the book almost two years after starting the paladin…), this post provides quite some help for getting it.

    Bookmarked 🙂

  2. How long did it take you to accomplish this? I know they increased DPS, when my guild did it, I believe we had 6 70’s and it seemed to take us FOREVER!

  3. @Daniel – Enjoy getting your Quel’Serrar. It’ll be a long encounter… make sure you bio first. I forgot and that sucked.

    @Fish – The encounter took 34mins and 02seconds to accomplish. An incredibly long time to beating on one mob, but I am holy spec’d and normally, Hubby is, too. He however did spec shadow to lend out a decent hand.

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