Northrend Daily Quest List

[EDIT] WoWInsider has started a series detailing each of the Wrath Dailies. If you need a little help figuring out what to do, I suggest you check out their on-going series…. Wrath Dailies. [/EDIT]

Dailys have become a signifigant part of WoW questing. Repetable and awesome for earning faction gains, these quests provide a great source of gold and are something most anyone will have to do to get that one item they want. There are many new dailies out there, and I for one, don’t know where to find them all. So here’s a list of dailies, both Alliance and Horde, and where to find them. Quests are listed in order by the Zone’s Level. Starting with Borean Tundra and ending in Icecrown. Scroll through to find your desired level.

This is an incredibly long post and it has taken me over four days to complete, so more information is behind the more tag! (If I have missed a quest, please leave a comment and let me know, so I can add the quest in!)


  • I purposefully did not include the cooking dailies. I have a whole different post for those.
  • Quests done at 80 give gold instead of XP. I have listed both for the quests marked as a level 80 quest. You will recieve 13g23s INSTEAD OF the experience. However, you ALSO recieve your 7g40s reward, making dailies done at level 80 worth 20g63s. 
  • Just because a quest is listed as level 80 doesn’t mean you can’t do it sooner. The level indication is for how difficult the quest might be, not the lowest level to accept it. Majority of the quest marked as level 80 require level 77 to obtain.
  • Also the point of this list is to make you aware of the dailies available, what factions they give rep for, and where to find them. The quest name links to a source like thottbot or wowhead. The coords link to the NPCs location, and the faction names link to the faction discriptions/rewards from . All other information was found through heavy research and of course, could be incorrect. This is merely to help you find your way, NOT to tell you what is true or not. With that, please enjoy this Northrend Daily Quest Guide!

Borean Tundra


Transitus Shield

[EDIT] Thank you Rollo for adding in this next quest that I missed!

Howling Fjord


Westguard Keep

Steel Gate


Mao’ki Harbor

Wyrmrest Temple

Grizzly Hills

Blue Sky Logging Grounds

Blackriver Logging Camp

Venture Bay

Granite Springs


The Argent Stand

[EDIT] – Thank you Dorf for pointing out that this quest actually has five parts. You must find four different locations and turn them in, individually, before you get the final part of this quest, which is an instant turn in. All required information for this process is listed behind the link of the quest name. I hope that clears things up for people.

Sholazar Basin

***Please Note: Like with the Aldor/Scryer Reputations, you can only pick one or the other for Sholazar. One is the Oracles and the other is the Frenzyheart. Please do some research and make your selection carefully!***

Rainspeaker Canopy

Frenzyheart Hill

The Storm Peaks


Frost Hold

Brunnhidar Village

Dun Nifflelem





***This Quest Requires Revered with The Sons of Hodir to become available to you!!!***


The Skybreaker

The Valley of Lost Hope


Ogrim’s Hammer

Aldur’thar: The Desolation Gate

The Shadow Vault

Death’s Rise


29 thoughts on “Northrend Daily Quest List

    • thank you , you saved me 😛 was stagnating for a bit and thinking of quitting for a bit but now its lookin up again:P

    • you know i spent at least an hour looking for who started some of the quests you put up and this help alot i can now start and finish them lol

  1. Nice list, just one note. To complete “Troll Patrol” you have to also complete 4 other dailies:

    – Grondel’s Task= 75 Rep
    – Rupert’s Task = 75 Rep
    – Brandon’s Task = 75 Rep
    – Alchemist’s Task = 75 Rep

    Complete all 4 within 20 minutes and get a further daily quest complete for 350 rep and a small reward.

    Total = 900 rep for 6 dailies.

  2. hi, thanks for great post. Still quite low level with my hunter but I love daily. I cannot find cooking daily quests, can you link them pls?
    Thanks you

  3. I have had a different experience for reputation gain with the Oracle tribe, and I imagine it is the same with the Frenzyheart. While in the honored stage of reputation, I had gotten 500 rep each for the music related quests and the Appeasing the Great Rain Stone quest, and 700 rep for the battle related quests. I don’t know about all of the quests 100%, but I finished the ‘honored’ stage and entered the ‘revered’ stage before finishing all of the quests and they didn’t give me any less reputation at revered.

    Thanks for the list, though, this reminded me of some dailies I needed to start doing.

  4. @ Rollo – You’re right, it might have been more logical to sort them by faction… when I put this list together I was trying to consider people who were still leveling verus those at cap. I assumed that it would be easier to list them by zone while people are still in the process of leveling. Thanks for the insight, and I’ll be sure to add in your quest!

    @Munterino – I have every intention of listing the new cooking dailies in my next post, which is going to be about some cooking and achievements, but if you need the old cooking dailies, they are found in Shattrath in Lower City. A small goblin and his ogre friend are sitting near a cooking pot and are happy to give you one of…. four, I think, quests. Very soon I hope to add a page to this site that features ALL of the dailies, old and new. For now, WoWwiki has a pretty decent list…

    @Eddy- I noticed on those quests that on two different sites two different rep rewards were listed… I went with the lower number to be safe. Better to be surprised with more, then frusterated with less. Your insight confirms the surprise, which is awesome! I’m glad it is a higher number then I anticipated. I’m also thrilled that there has been a use for this list.

  5. Good website, I am new to blogging and was looking for examples of good blogs. I like your site and would love any feedback you have to improve my site.

  6. I’m not sure why, but all of the Valiance Expedition quests are only giving me +125 rep, not +250. Also I didnt get any rep from “Putting the Hertz” and “Static Shock Troops”. This is from all the VE quests in Icecrown and the one in Grizzly Hills. I haven’t tried the ones from the Blue Sky Logging Grounds.

  7. Nevermind. I see what’s happening. I hit exalted with VE. Now I am getting spill over rep with Alliance Vanguard, but its only for +125. I am betting the rep spills over for any in the Alliance Vanguard group. So if you hit exalted with one, you should still get spill over rep for another even if you do dailies that you’re already exalted for.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to list these quests. While I’m far to lazy to have found them all myself, I’m not too lazy to express my appreciation for your efforts! 🙂

  9. @ Waywardson – You are more then welcome to use the information on this site for your guild. It’s why I write this stuff out. I would be terribly sad if I took all that time to write this out and no one wanted to use it, so please, link away.

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  11. helpful site. being a new area (northrend in general), i found it a lil’ difficult to find and keep track of all the daily’s at first. this helped heaps. keep up the good work! 🙂

  12. Can you tell why I cant take some of this quest or sometimes no one at all? they need something for take or you need to do something before?

  13. “Quests done at 80 give gold instead of XP. I have listed both for the quests marked as a level 80 quest. You will recieve 13g23s INSTEAD OF the experience. However, you ALSO recieve your 7g40s reward, making dailies done at level 80 worth 20g63s.”

    Not sure if it’s a bug on my end or a misconception on your end. Most of the quests that reward 13g 23s at level 80 only give me the 13g 23s. I don’t also recieve the 7g 40s for the reward. So I’m assuming you only get 5g 83s to compensate for being level 80 or I’m bugged. Would love confirmation on this issue because I believe the current gold rewards I’m receiving at the moment are ludicrous compared to the rewards for completing dailies at lvl 70 pre-Wrath.

    Thanks a lot for the list. It’s been a tremendous help in deciding what dailies I should replace the one’s I’ve been doing after getting exalted with my previous “daily rounds”.

  14. I hit level 80 last week, and only found 14 dailies on my own. Saving up for a swift ride costs 15000 just to get skyborne with it, and would have taken forever to save for. Your daily quest list will make this possible for me in the near future. Just what I needed! Thanx!!!

  15. Thank you for this!

    You note that you have left out the cooking quests (and I cannot find the separate post you mention) but you have also left out the fishing quests.

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