Paladin Healing in Wrath

Well, now that I’ve had a chance to level a bit (which I am doing Holy, and ding, 76 btw) I guess I can say some things about healing in some of the instances. First and foremost, I must declare my love for Beacon of Light. I no longer have to choose between the tank and a DPS. I love being able to heal both at the same time. This have become useful in fights that have an AOE ability. I generally just keep it up throughout the instance, though that is hardly nessecary.

For the standard five mans from level 70 to 75, I’ve noticed a lot of recycled fights and areas, but some are really unique. I came across one instance that didn’t have any trash really, only bosses with mulitple waves of baddies before it. These kind of fights do a number on my mana regen. The first time through I didn’t know what to expect, and of course we wiped, but once I saw it I was able to adjust, and with proper rotation of my abilities I was able to not only sustain my mana, but never have to use a pot. So here’s that casting rotation that I use all instance long. It allows my tank to continuously pull without me needing to stop and drink.

Beacon of Light — I always cast this on my tank. That way, should there be an AOE ability, I can heal up my DPS first, and not have to worry about the tank going down. Very handy for the single target healers like us.

Gift of the Naaru (Draenei only as needed) — I put this up on boss fights that have fears or other non casting spaces in them. It holds over my tank until I come out of it.

Divine Plea — I hit this innervate like ability every single time it comes up. I have a handy mod that makes a sound each time one of my cooldowns comes up… so I don’t forget. So long as you remember to pop this every time it comes up, you’ll have little to worry about in terms of mana.

Trinkets — I usually pop these when I use Divine Plea. The reason for this is you DO take a spellpower hit in using Divine Plea. I use my trinkets to help counter that.

Divine Illumination — I pop this usually AFTER my Divine Plea has finished. This allows me to spam away and use less mana… and lasts 15 seconds… so I only cast using full mana without regening for 45 seconds more… and then I pop Divine Plea again.

Lay on Hands (as needed) — Desperate times call for desperate measures. If I must use this spell, I throw it down and then pop my divine plea. There is also a Glyph that rewards mana back to you when you use this spell.

Light’s Grace and Holy Shock (as needed, NOT MANA EFFCIENT) — I ONLY use these two, and always together, in a desperate attempt to get my tank back up to a relatively safe point, so that I can resume normal healing.

Rinse and Repeat

All the while, while healing, I actually rarely use my Holy Light spell. It just takes too darn long to cast. I have a bit of haste on me, but I still prefer to spam my Flash of Light. It’s quick, it casts often, and crits often. Of course with crits comes more mana back for me, which in turn still leads to my sustainability. 

Currently, my paladin sits with 1230 spell power, 11k hitpoints, and 28 percent crit holy. She’s still half in TBC gear, and her build is just made up. It isn’t one I picked up online. I generally put the points where they sounded nice, and Ive started building down the ret tree a little bit hoping to make my questing a little bit easier. She also has all her Glyphs, which I will post about in due time. For now, I wanted to get this casting rotation out there, for anyone who might be struggling with mana regen in the new instances.


8 thoughts on “Paladin Healing in Wrath

  1. I like the new layout, Anyway. As a Paladin healer in 2.4.3 I always felt like Priests and druids were doing much better and I felt like a usesless Pally. With Beacon of light, I almost feel I’m useful. Then again I’m only level 46.

  2. Thanks for the compliment on the layout! Yes, like you, I worried about my ability to heal in a five man situation, right down to refusing to heal Heroic Magister’s Terrace. Now I feel as if I could handle such things. Being a Paladin healer, we are always in demand, but never quite as good as the druid healers. Previously, before Wrath, Druids always beat me on the heal chart but I was usually equal to or pretty near the priests. I have no restro shaman to compare to.

    All in all, I’d say we’re pretty well off nowadays, and you should have an easier time healing with the addition of Beacon of Light.

  3. Right now Im level 80 with 1820 spell power when i go into ten mans and 25 mans im one of the fastest healers.. I always keep my judgement up. Everytime my judgement is up ill click it its a little bit of mana back plus it gives you the 15% haste then holy shock crit and your looking at less then a second holy light granted its like .99 of a sec but still.. I love pally healers 😀

  4. sigh nothing useful here at all. Paladin tanks overheal a lot so dont be worried about recount and heals, some boss fights i outheal shammies, priests and druids and they are much better geared than me (i am 213/200 Item level i.e. T7-T7.5). Their sp is better than mine and they have better raid heals, but I also out last them on mana. Its important to remember paladins have raid wide buffs that you dont see the effect of on heal meters. Its the team that matters not the healing done.

    As with other classes, but more so in healing, it is the player not the toon.

    Send me an email when you want to have a real talk about healing and paladins.

    P.S. Holy shock is good when you have crit = faster heals

  5. @ Choadbringer – Nice name. Real cute. Anyways, nothing was said here about meters. At the time of posting I was only in the mid 70’s. This post focused mostly on the mana aspect of paladin healing, and learning the ropes of a new system. I stand by my statement however that Holy Shock should not be used as a regular healing spell. I don’t tend to put a lot of faith into meters, they are majorly flawed… but anyways… Grats on your T7 Gear. I checked our your guild website… its very nice. I think you’ve lost sight though that my guild…. and my blog… is written for the less hardcore… you might be better off checking out the more “hardcore” stuff elsewhere.

  6. Hi, was wondering as I have a paladin (that I want to level as Holy and heal 5mans) that is level 70 and has no great gear just quest gear from Northrend and some stuff from AH. What should my SP, crit, and such be before attempting to heal like UK or Nexus? I have a lot of guild members that would help me get the gear to do it legit, but want something to go off of. Also I have healed at lower levels only on a resto shaman so this is gonna be new to me. Thanks for any helpful input. 🙂

  7. Hi..
    I had a log break and came back to play wow recently and planing to level my healadin from 70 to 80. Was checking articles abt wrath healadins before starting to play and got here :). Thanks for all the tips :). happy wow !

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