Pop Culture References


TNMT Reference

TNMT Reference

I love these little gems. Maybe you’ve noticed them here and there… like O’Rly the owl in Tenaris and Yarly the auctioneer in Undercity. Then there is the very well known Indiana Jones reference in Zul’Aman, Paris Hilton toon (Haris Pilton and her dog, Tinkerbell), and the quest references a-plenty like those that refer to Star Wars and Back to the Future, and more recently, The Six Million Dollar Man. Well… I found a new one. I was off questing in Dalaran, doing the cooking daily, in the sewers plucking up some Infused Mushrooms, when I stumbled upon a rat and four turtles sitting near some green ooze. I think this is by far one of my favorite references I’ve found. So here, have a picture.


2 thoughts on “Pop Culture References

  1. Seen the Disney Bambi reference in Grizzly Hills.

    Bambina and her hare and some others are walking there.
    Cheers nice blog just found it

    Kul Tiras (eu)

  2. I saw that reference the other day! Of course hubby felt the need to kill em all… but I still love finding it. Also since writing the Northrend Daily List, I found references to Tezzla and his inventions. That’s fun too. Thanks for sharing!

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