Moments of Asshattery

The Big Bear Butt Blogger has asked us to post about a true moment of asshattery that has been inflicted upon us since Wrath was released…. in his post he states:

Bloggers, here is my challenge to you!

Share with us on your blog your favorite moment of asshatery commited against you in these first few days of the expansion. It must have some funny twist that raises it out of the norm.


Share with us your “WoW, people can be awesome out of nowhere” moment.

While I’ve encountered many mine stealing jerks… these two… players… shine out above the rest. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve encountered some really great folks… like the Hunter who gave me the cobolt node that we both ran up to at the same time, and then gave me instructions on how to find more nodes, thus sharing his wealth of knowledge with me to better my own WoW experience. I can’t remember his name… but he’s awesomeness in my book. Also, the mage named Offline…. who withstood massive amounts of abusive deaths on my account, in having built a group for UK assuming that our warrior was a tank, when he was not… so a 68 DeathKnight in craptastic gear tried to tank. The warrior tried to help… there was dying as my holiness tried my damnedest to heal… and finally failed entirely at the encounter like Romeo and Juilet. But still… he stuck it out, never once complaining… and even being sorry we couldn’t complete the run. That guy was awesome.

Ah yes, nice people in WoW… but sometimes you meet people so terrible… they make you forget… like the guy who stole all the bat poop from the bats I had to kill in order to get em to poop in the first place. (Blizzard, get over the poop quests, srsly!) (Don’t worry though…. we found him AFK and trained mobs on his ass. He died a horrible death for screwing with me. Take that you evil druid. I know. I’m just as terrible).

Nope…. this story is worse then that.

Hubby and I were working on a quest chain up in Borean Tundra. This chain eventually leads to sending you to a place up in the sky, that is round and confusing, where you need to go up top, and kill one of Arthas’ lackeys. Its a nice long encounter complete with back story, lore, and needing the wait your turn. When Garen and I arrived there was a group of four waiting for their go. So we grabbed up a solo druid, and waited our turn. We helped the first group get there kill, waited for the event to reset and start again. The first group appreciated our patience and offered to stay to help kill him again. We were greatful.

Suddenly, a priest and a warrior arrive on the seen. I didn’t catch the warrior’s name but the priest was called Blacksun. They also were allies, and could hear us clearly when we offered to invite them to our group, as we had room for both. But no, instead they ran up, and tagged the dude we’d been waiting for, killed him, and walked off without a word despite my tell of “Hey, that was messed up”. But wait… its not over yet…

The group that had gone first was upset by what they saw, and decided to stay for another go. So we waited for the reset…. and wait… what is this? The Priest and Warrior are back! What could they want now? The kill is the last in the chain. No reason to come back. They say nothing and even buff me. Gee, I thought… maybe they felt bad for us…. but just in case I was constantly spamming for the moment that mob turned red…. and I’m glad I was…. both of them had tried to jack the mob a second time…. FOR NO OTHER REASON THEN TO BE ASSHATS! Oooooohhhh I had many nasty things I wanted to say to them… but I held my tounge. I got my kill and it was overwith for now… so I walked away.

I suppose I got semi revenge. I later saw the priest ask in general chat for a port to Dalaran… and I saw our only level 74 (at the time) guildy mage respond. I took my opportunity, and explained over general what the priest had done, and how he didn’t deserve any help. Luckily, seven other familiar names chimed in to confirm my story…. and my guildy renigged. I hope that priest doesn’t get a port…. ever.

So there you have it.

So now I pass it on. Bloggers…. What’s YOUR story?


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