I am all kinds of prepared for the expansion. I know which toon I’m going to level first, I know the second, the third and even the fourth. I have ideas for how I will go about leveling… and I know what professions I am going to focus on first… but for the week we have left of TBC? I haven’t a clue.

I have a few options at my disposal… including working on achievements, leveling the lower alts some more, and touching up on last minute things, like my fishing skills. However, can’t seem to dedicate myself to just one thing. This is actually why I have so many alts in the first place. I can’t ever decide what to do with them. 

Speaking of decisions, the US has spoken and Barack Obama is our new president. I am not surprised at all, and I am not upset by it. I did not get to vote this year so really, I don’t have any right to complain anyways, but I thought I’d share in case you didn’t know. Here’s to hoping for great things these next four years from America’s first African American President. 

Other then that, I got nothin’


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