Yarrgggh, Me Hardies!

Three Warlocks and a Shaman

Three Warlocks and a Shaman

Yarrgggh! Here be me blog again! Except we’re talkin’ like pirates! It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Yarrrggh!

So yesterday me husband and me self went into SM again. We dragged along ye buckaroo as well. Arg! He be only level 22 when the first mob hit the plank, but ye be 25 when we were done! Arg! As the baddies dropped to Davy Jone’s Locker, me mate walked out with full bags of new loots! We raided and plundered till we could take no more! Ye Warlock Duo hit 35, too. Arg!

Ok. I just can’t keep that up. I’m a terrible pirate. Yarrggh!

So Matticus has been going on about what class makes the best lovers. So far what I have read is that druids make great lovers, but priests are just lookin for a good time. I vote that Paladins are the best lovers. But I will have to gather my facts and post thoroughly on it later.


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