New Guild, New Kara



I went on my first run with Mythos last night. I was part of group two. You can read about group one over on Fimly’s Blog. I went in on Pallylust, even though she doesn’t really need anything from there except badges. I wanted to be helpful and such. Anyways I wasn’t sure what to expect. Obviously my new home is a ways behind what I am used to running to I assumed there would be considerable amounts of dying. However, that wasn’t the case.

I was impressed even. Even though we took it slowly, every boss was 1 shotted, and there was very little dying. With the exception of one elite group AOE pull outside of Moroes. Otherwise everything was smooth. I tried to not be overbearing in any advice I offered up, and I only pulled aggro once in healing on trash trying to save a mage who got to close to some extra mobs. Which is pretty good, considering I had been wearing my tank gloves the whole time with the 2 percent threat increase enchant on them. Whoops.

Overall Pally doesn’t need much from Kara. The Ribbon of Sacrafice and maybe a healing cloak should do it. Otherwise she is pretty set. In the meantime I shall continue to gold farm, and level my warlock duo. I also started a druid duobut I’m not entirely sure I’m deadset on leveling them or not. Only time shall tell.


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