A Rose By Any Other Name…

I was talking in BA chat for a moment today, about the upcoming transfer of my main toons Pallylust and Poofnstab. Someone seemed surprised by the name for my darling little rogue. I also remember skimming a post about names in the Ale and Arms forums. I found it interesting to see why people named their toons the way they did… so here’s my story.

Chroniclust – My very first name used. It had been speculated many times by various guildmates that it was a self proclamation of being a pot head. Others decided it meant that I was always in the mood for some lovin’. However, truth be told it’s just a screen name my little sister Sarah made up for me to use for my very first blog, over at livejournal back in the days. I used it for my warlock on the horde side until it was reported by the evil man I mentioned in an earlier post, Ballsycow. I contested the report and won, actually, and was told I still needed to change the name, but I could use it again on other servers or on a new toon. This lead to the warlock becoming…

Librasky – Two words here, Libra Sky. However I have become quite used to answering to Le-brass-ki also. This name comes from the fact that I’m a Libra. My birthday is October 1st. I know, I fit the stereotypes. Anyways, I used it first as an AOL screen name back when I was a mid-teen. II Librasky II was the name and I borrowed it for lack of any good ideas for an undead warlock.

Nosredna – My second toon. This one was my horde side holy priest. Look carefully and you might figure out the name before I tell you. Its my last name, backwards. Anderson. This trend was actually quite popular at the time for names and I got it from Tergram…. Or Margret.

Stabbystabby – My first attempt at a rogue. This one a blood elf. I named her this because I always imagined as a rogue was beating on me “STABBY STABBY, BITCH” was screaming in their heads. The bitch part was too long, so Stabbystabby was the end name.

Desani – My horde side mage. She and the rogue before her never made it far but come on now, its a mage. The name is so good for her.

Bloodlust – Can you believe that name wasn’t taken?! I never leveled this shaman though which is sad. But dang the name is awesome.

Pallylust – When I rerolled alliance I wasn’t interested in being easily found. If I used the name Chroniclust again, my old guild mates would find me in a heartbeat. So I changed it a little bit. Not by a ton, I suppose if you wanted to find me you could. Most people just refer to her as Pally, or Lusty. Either or works for me.

Poofnstab – I tried to reuse my original Stabbystabby name. It was taken though on that server. I loved the idea of having a name like that for fun though, so I changed it until I found one that wasn’t taken. I get comments on it all the time.

Hugz & Kissesz – You can thank my husband for these cutsie names. I just love it when he gets sweet on me. Makes it easy to know they are a team though.

Huzband & Wife – My newest multiboxing adventure. Hubby wanted to name them Demonic-something as they are warlocks, and I can see the point in this. However I couldn’t think of anything that would tie them together. So I named them Huzband and Wife. However, being called wife all the time is a nice little reminder to the life I live. Don’t suppose I’ll be getting hit on much on that toon, will I? I’ll have to be more creative with the next batch.

Anyways, there are the names and why I choose them. I do love names people use for RPing, but I’m not quite so creative. Usually I attempt to stick to a naming scheme, but then that makes me easier to pick out, and sometimes I just wanna be left alone. I’m excited to come up with new names in the future.


P.S. — Spore has alluded my purchasing feats so far. That game shall be mine!


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