OK, Break Time Is Over

So I took a couple of days to welcome back my husband from his over sea’s adventures. He claims it was a blast. Im sure it was. He seems pretty happy to be home now and I’m more then happy to be able to have a little break. But, now its time to get back on the bandwagon, so here’s whats up.

I start college tomorrow. I’m quite excited. I don’t think it will cut too much into my day to day life as I never really did much before except house stuff, mom stuff, and WoW. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

As for WoW in the last few days, I did respec Pallylust back into holy to heal a Gruul’s run with my guild. Hubby came along on his holy priest as well. I didn’t mind healing the run for them, as it was a shorter one and easy to boot. After that was done I logged on Hugz and Kissesz and hubby Grabbed his Fury Warrior and we took out Scarlet Monastery Library four times and the Armory twice. All together today I managed to take the hunters from level 31 to level 37 and a half. 6 1/2 levels in one day is not bad. Not bad at all! I am starting to think that maybe if I push instance running, with hubby helping out, I might be able to ding them 60 before this week is over.

So that brings me to what next? Well, since I have 90 days to get the most out of this refer a friend deal, I think I’ll bust us out some mages next, and then onto druids. If there is time that is. Anyways, its rather late here and I just wanted to put up a note that I’m working on some ideas for post for you all to enjoy ❤ I know how hard it must be for you all when I’m not around, but rest assured, I shouldn’t be leaving you again any time soon.

Until next time!


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