Girl Power!

Remember that popular phrase? If not it came from the Spice Girls in the mid to late 90s. What was their message all about? Mostly that they were girls, they were sexy, and they were famous. It didn’t matter that they were girls, but they were proud to be. What does this have to do with WoW? You’d be surprised. A topic started by Brajana at Mend Pet stated

Brajana wrote:
“The thing is – I don’t see what the big deal is about being a female geek.  I (obviously) do not have a problem with female gamers OR female bloggers.  But I don’t understand why some women seem to think this is such important distinction for their blog.”

In which Breana over at Gun Lovin Dwarf Chick replied with this post. Once that was written, Big Bear Butt responded with his very own post on the topic. Once I’d read all that it got me thinking. Lately there have been a few posts praising the ladies out there, for example, from 35 Yards Out, A Girl, A Gun, and A Stripped Cat, and Critical QQ.

So what does all of this have to do with me? Well, I’ve noticed lately, particularly with all the guild drama that has been going on, that it’s been like we aren’t ALLOWED to be girls. If we in any way shape or form somehow act feminine or say anything that relates the fact that we are female, we get criticized for it. What’s worse is it isn’t really the men complaining, its the other women! And on the other end of that spectrum, if we try to go the other route and play it cool and joke and let it all hang loose (Just a term, don’t get too excited), we get slammed for being cheap, easy, or an e-Whore.

It wasn’t that long ago that women and men became what we call “equal”. But even in our “modern times” we still really aren’t. Though we can hold the same jobs, make the same pay, and vote on the same stuff, women cannot be women, unless they are prepared to take the flak that comes with it. Something as simple as putting a modifier in your blog title that announces that you are in fact, female, can and will be judged. It is assumed that you are USING being female to attract people to read your input. Even if that isn’t the case.

In WoW, if the other guildmates are joking about sex, and I chime in, its quickly determined that I’m a whore. Nevermind that I’m married, with children, and not really interested in anyone else. Any sort of joke with sexual relation involved means I want you to spam me with tells about how you are single and horny. Why is it I cannot be just part of the conversation and not have it really mean anything? Oh right, because I’m a girl. I am not allowed to just be human, or to joke, or socialize, or heaven forbid, enjoy sex. All those things would be, ya know. Just TERRIBLE.

Girls don’t play WoW right? WRONG! So very wrong. An easy HALF of my guild is female. And no, we’re not all married. We are not all mothers, and not all of us are old, either. Some are thin and beautiful, some have had better times, I’m sure. However such as is the case in Real Life, we all have breasts, and we make up HALF of the world’s population. So why then, is it such a shock when we do things that 10 million other people on the planet do everyday?

I agree that I don’t understand what the big deal is about being female in ANY community. Be it WoW, Blogging, or just around town. However, I also agree that it should be OK for us to BE FEMALE. If I wanna say I’m a chick, it doesn’t mean its a crutch, its just what I AM! Aren’t I allowed to be me? I give props to Breana and any other girls out there who are female, who are who they are, and don’t take the crap that comes their way because of it. And really on that note, PROPS THE THE MEN TOO! We are equals are we not? We love that you guys go out of your way to affirm our position on the scale of equalness and awesomeness to you. When push comes to shove we love having you around too.

So on that note, I’m gonna continue to be. 23 years old. Mother of two, Wife, WoW player, College Student and, oh yes, I have BOOBS. No you can’t touch them, stare if you must but it wont get you anywhere, just as it doesn’t get me anywhere either. You’ll get over it, eventually.


4 thoughts on “Girl Power!

  1. Excellent post, but where you say that it feels like women aren’t being allowed to feel like themselves sometimes?

    Well, if you ever start feeling that way, I have two words for you; Epic Dolls.

    Go listen to one of their podcasts. It’ll cheer you right up. Promise!

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