Its All About The Music

Its time yet again for another BA Shared topic! Today’s topic is your theme song, brought to us by Autumnn.

For Librasky, My longest played character at 192 days played and now retired, her song would have to be, “The End” By My Chemical Romance.

Pallylust was until recently my most active character. I have to say Im getting pretty bored with her really anymore so lately I’ve not played much. But for her, I’d say Jimmy Eat World’s The Middle would be her song of choice

As for Poofnstab? Well she’s still a very young baby as far as the rest of my toons go, but she’s learning about the world pretty quickly. Her song of choice would have to be Miss Independant By Kelly Clarkson.

I’m only going to do the three characters as the rest have not been played in a while and I’d have to really play them again to decide on songs for them 😛 And I’m too lazy for that


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