That’s right folks. I call Shenanigans. On what you say? Guild politics and drama. Having been a guild leader and an officer almost my entire WoW career Ive seen many many different dramas and shenanigans. Every guild has them. Even I myself am not immune to my own. This is what happens when you bring a large amount of people and stick them into one place. Some have been more serious then others. Some are just big headaches rather more then anything else, and some are just downright hilarious. So without further ado, I share with you some of the Shenanigans I’ve delt with.

First up we have from back in the days of WoW Pre BC, some drama that became a server spectacle. I unfortunately do not have screen shots of these events in particular, but trust me, it was hilarious.

Once upon a time when I ran my guild <Dead> I’d been searching for more people. I was contacted by another guild leader of the guild <Hordy Bass Terds>. After some talking with my own co-leaders and his, we decided a merge was doable and he brought over his guild to mine. I had roughly 200 members and he had the same, and before we knew it, with added recruitment we had a guild of over 500 people. This being the first guild I’d ever run I had no idea how much drama that would make. At first we had small issues. <HBT> had been a guild of no rules. Say what you want, freedom of speech sort of thing, and <Dead> had been its opposite. Go ahead, be funny, but respect your fellow guild mates sort of deal. The kicker of disagreements came on a ZG run, when the GM of <HBT> (I’m gonna give his name as these event lead to his quitting the game), Ballsycow, Stood under the bat boss in ZG and wiped us, claiming he didn’t know standing next to her would do that. In that very same raid he asked us what a mana pot was, and when we told him, he proceed to message every healer to make sure they too, knew what a mana pot was.

After a while we had it with his noobishness and unruly guild members. We asked him to take his guild and go. And they did. But not quietly. It was only a day or two before I seen him in trade, in the global LFG channel (glad that’s gone) and in the realm forums, trying to bash my name. Luckily I had some awesome guildies and support from other guilds on the other server that this man was truly an idiot. He recruited for his newfound guild with promises of “Epix” from their MC runs. First one that dropped that they applicant could use would be theres.

Pretty soon they had every known ninja and idiot on the server in the guild. People began to thank him for collecting all these folk into one guild tag so they could avoid them. However despite his successes he continued to bash on me publicly. I finally had enough and broke my silence and when I did, all hell broke loose. What had been simply “Chroniclust sucks, she’s a bitch!” turned into nitty gritty personal attacks, to the point where I finally reported him for bringing my marriage and children by name into a public forum of bashing. People ragged on him so much that he quit playing, but not before posting on our realm forums that he was playing on a private server, complete with a link. Intelligent guy really.

After that first experience I swore never again would I deal with that sort of thing, and everything went smoothly for a long time. It wasn’t until long into my <Infusion> days that I crossed another “Ballsycow”. Except this guy was opposite, he knew it all, and you WILL listen to him. Eventually I got mad enough that I yelled at him, and he immediately Gquit. But not without telling me he was the WoW God and I needed to bow down to him. I decided it was time for a reality check.

Reality Check

Reality Check

I kept the names in as most of these members don’t play anymore. But as you can see the guild wasn’t all that fond of him either, as I didn’t assume they’d be. Nowadays I don’t run a guild anymore. I got sick of dealing with the personal aspect and I had dramas of my own to deal with. However now that I’ve been an officer in AaA, I’ve come across a few incredibly interesting scandals in our guild. First being that of a player we had that was gay, and liked to give the guild details of his escapades. It was almost sickening. I can take a detailed sexual conversation, but some of the stuff he pulled was downright disgusting.

He eventually was removed and I thought all was well. However I came across more drama fairly recently. One guild member who is young and female, apparently had some issues when she became infatuated with an older male member. There was a guild camping trip not to long ago that resulted in an unintentional hook up. He didn’t want to stay involved, but she did. She pestered him and sent nude pictures of herself to him. When he rejected her she moved on to said no removed gay member. She sent him the same pictures, and he, in turn, posted them on our realm forums. It was a huge disaster. People sat in Ironforge spamming “PST AaA for a good time!”. We had to remove her. She changed her name, reapped to the guild with the new name and a new spec. All of this was done to cover her ass. (Ha ha ha funny right?) However its proved pretty pointless as everyone refers to her by her former name and she’s continued her antics.

Boob Chat Anyone?

Boob Chat Anyone?

So as you can see, you can’t avoid the drama. You can’t run from it. You can’t stop it. But occasionally, Its funny to go back and look on it and shake your head over all the trouble something so simple caused. I’m still working on my abilites to handle such dramas. I can’t help but be amused by the things people do because its “online”. Hopefully though the shenanigans won’t be so serious that we have to run someone off the server again XD


5 thoughts on “Shenanigans!

  1. You didn’t miss all of those did you? You weren’t there for Ballyscow but you were around for Predatorz. Log on more often, and you’ll notice it XD. One of the AaA officers was online the other day, going on about how women need beat. It was intresting to say the least.

  2. WoW. That’s some outstanding drama. Sounds worse than the stories Wowinsider has i the Guildwatch column.

    Still… while it’s easy to point fingers at stupid people I try not to judge them and think too bad about them. You never really know the whole story, do you? There may be so many reasons for their behaviour. What if they had a… deadly brain tumour that made them act strangely? Or just had a chock from a realative dying and now couldn’t handle life at all, had lost their senses and their direction of normal behavour?

    But god knows it’s hard to keep the calm and distance. The guild officers should be openly thanked and aprreciated than they are for the time being.

  3. Ballyscow was just a bit before my time, although I was on that server with you folks I was all shiny and new and was running with a leveling guild at the time. By the time Pred had his meltdown I had long since been guilded with you folks. I can’t remember weather I became an officer in Infusion right before that or right after.

    The one I can’t believe Is I had no idea that someone in AnA had ended up with pic’s on the realm forums. Believe it or not I am so out of the loop on that one I don’t even know who we are talking about.

    You did get me thinking about some of the more dramatic things that have happened during my time playing. Plenty to choose from there.

  4. @Larissa – I agree with you, which is kinda the point of this post. In the first occasion with Ballyscow my own emotions caught wind and it escalted into disaster. If I’d had the foresight to see past the inital jerkiness, I’d have handled it a lot better, which is why the later drama sessions became less involved. Its true that no one is perfect and people have flaws, but there are truly jerks out there who create the drama so they can sit back and watch.

    @Dechion – The situation in AaA with the pictures actually occured right before we joined. The only reason I am aware now is because of the conversation with the pics I posted. The officers brought me up to speed as it is still an ongoing problem, among others.

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