A little blog goes a long way

So readers, you may have noticed a lack in posts about the upcoming expansion. Its not that I’m not excited about it, I am. I’m also a little nervous too. I hate major changes that make me feel like I know nothing about this game I’ve played for years now. However that too, is not why I don’t bother to post much about it. I do from time to time see things that I feel are noteworthy and awesome, and I share them. But for the most part I know that its over done. Many many other blogs and news sources post upcoming Beta information and I don’t feel I have a need to express too many opinions on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m estatic for some changes. The new tanking and healing abilities for the paladin will make that character the most versatile one I’ve ever rolled. She’ll be awesome, she’ll be in demand, and it will be fun to try it out. She is also my blacksmith and with the addition of socketing items to blacksmithing I feel I will be able to do more with her then I previously have. As for my other characters I hear that rogues are getting a nerf of sorts, but haven’t seen much on it. I haven’t bothered to check out the warlock changes too much because I don’t want to get sucked back into the horde right now. However the hunter pet changes have really caught my eye and rather then going back to my horde hunter I’ll likely multibox my alliance ones so both husband and I can have some fun with it.

But really, while I’m excited and I too read all the news and updates I can find, I did not apply for nor receive a beta key. I would rather have the whole rush of something new and the joy of discovering it all for the first time AS I level. I don’t want to be bored with it before it even counts ya know?

So this blog is here, and I will share any tidbits of interest I find. But the Beta and expansion are in no way my primary focus and you wont find much of it here. I prefer to live the game that is and look forward to what will be. So content wise look forward to a breath of fresh air, as all the hype about Beta is best left to the folks at WoW Insider.


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