Good Leadership

I’ve always been told I was a natural born leader. Which was always odd to me as I am shy when it comes to dealing with new people. I’d rather not call people I don’t know and I have a hard time telling telemarketers to buzz off. However, I suppose if I know those around me I can and do lead well. When I walked into being a leader in this game it wasn’t really a new thing. I’d worked at Safeway at the time. I started out a cashier like any other ordinary 19 year old. It only took four months to gain a management position and become the store’s bookeeper. I attribute it to the fact I don’t have it in me to be unfair or mean. Does that make me a good leader? I am not sure.

Currently my guild, Ale and Arms, has two seperate raiding groups. I say seperate instead of different because they are indeed seperated. They raid never at the same time, the members of each group are labeled. Each has its own set of officers, and each has its own loot systems and progression. Really its like having two guilds. One very progressed the other struggling and dying on the floor. I am currently an officer for the Late Night Team (LNT). How this came to be was because I simply got tired of sitting around. We’d had other officers, but they all quit on us at the same time. Then other members left and pretty soon we were left with not much. I went on a recruitment spree. I even posted on other realm forums (don’t do that, people don’t like it. Even if you are recruiting from the over populated alliance side to raid oddball hours starting at 1am). They still don’t like it.

In my career of being a guild leader or an officer Ive seen many different systems. Some my own. Some of them failed some of them were great. I of course have shared these experiences with my current co officers and leaders. Unfortunately they are pretty set in their ways and I can understand why, the Eve team is making great progression. It is only the LNT that is struggling. Sadly I can barely put together a Kara or a ZA for them anymore. In my current perdiciment I cannot raid myself, and the one other LNT officer seems to be skipping out on showing up.

I really hate to tell the LNT to give up. Some of these guys have really held on and have high hopes, others are brand new and though aware of the situation, they still act surprised when I fail to find the people we need. Its really kinda disappointing that I can’t seem to rebuild this.

So in the meantime Ive had them farm, Ive made gear charts for our newer people. Ive offered opportunities to members who felt comfortable doing it to lead in my place and encouraged. I’m afraid though that I’m running out of ideas to keep this train wreck moving. I don’t want to give up though. I’ve never run into this sort of situation where I couldn’t find the people to bounce back. I’ll keep plugging along though.

As for Eve? They have recently made a little comeback. They were struggling with Tanks and Healers but picked up a few more and they are back in the action. Their group is a little more strict then LNT is. They have a loot system with modified rolls and such, and certain requirements to raid like having food buffs and whatnot. I was never that strict with the LNT for the month or so Ive been leading it, as right now we are only managing Kara and  ZA. If we ever managed to get further I too would have had to push them harder.

I don’t believe I am the world’s best leader. I do believe Im fair and honest. And honestly I don’t think I can rebuild this. Im not sure what to do with them now 😦 Here’s to hoping it pans out somehow.


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