The Ding Hammer Falls Again

Well the other night my Rogue hit 70. She’s my 6th. Makes me feel pretty wasteful of my life actually but having a rogue is good fun. I immediately did the 40 eye of the storms I still needed for her season 2 weapons. Of course we lost every single one (horribly). How can alliance suck that badly at pvp? I guess that’s a rant for another night. Anyways, her pretty new weapons made a HUGE difference! She put out some bigger hits which is always nice.

I took her into Kara for the first time in her level 60 blues and 70 greens. She didn’t fair horribly. She wasn’t last on the damage meter but dang close, and the Pally tank who was solo tanking beat me out in damage. I have a lot of work to do for her before she’ll be of any real use. I intend to use her mostly to farm with but would be nice if she could also backup on raids. She is my first melee class, learning to get behind stuff so you don’t get clobbered is an interesting change as I’ve always been ranged or the tank or healer. I’m sure I’ll adjust though.

Next up I plan to either reach the gold cap for the first time or work on those multiboxing hunters. Not sure which I’ll do though. Sorry for the no post in a while I’d had a little bit of a rough patch in that game we call life, but it appears everything is settled now. I hope to be back full force with some good articles for you all to enjoy. Thanks for sticking around with me. Much love to my readers!


2 thoughts on “The Ding Hammer Falls Again

  1. Your 6th lvl 70! That’s impressing. I’ve only got my mage… But my next lvl 70 will actually be a rogue. She’s level 45 now but I’ve swore to let her grow up. I agree its really very different to have a melee char compared to a ranged one. Yes, we’re both doing dps, but the feeling in the game is totally different. I’m looking forward to see Kara from a totally different point of view one day. It will be… refreshing I think.

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