Who Knew?

So this weeks Shared Topic fArom BA is brought to us by Breana, co-host to our favorite TNB, and she asks:

What content or goals did you think you would never see, and what have you done? What has surprised you the most? Where do you see yourself in 6 months, after the launch of Lich?

Once upon a time I was a lowly warlock just trying to learn the ins and outs of the game. I didn’t understand endgame (Well there really wasn’t any yet) and I certainly didn’t understand the politics. As I went about and leveled I inherited my own guild. I left it as it was to be social and tried to focus on leveling. During that process there were so many things I didn’t know that I should have, like how to cast a soulstone, what lifetap was, or how to utilize my pets. It never ever was in my wildest dreams that eventually people would seek me out for advice on the game, and about all classes.

Eventually I saw the endgame I knew nothing about. Learned it from a couple of awesome people who were kind enough to include me, so I could spread the knowledge. What they taught me I taught many many others. Not just my guild, but other guilds as well. I saw something on that server I never thought I would… People dropped the constant war of who’s guild was better, and joined up, eager to get there together. Unions were formed and Metaguild was born.

I never imagined I would be a leader. I always saw myself as shy, but eventually I did find myself there, and when I tried to retire from it, people sought me out and brought me right back in. When I started out as a no one I had no idea I’d eventually see all of the old world content less Naxx. (Who wants to see that now anyways, it’ll be in the xpack!) and new content into MH. I especially was pretty set I’d never see beyond Kara with how things were looking on the horde side, but I was in there healing it last week.

I also found that I was capable of organizing things I didnt find likely, like our successful Ironforge raid and the massive passing back and forth of Halaa between my horde guild and a fellow Alliance guild. I discovered that people were coming to my guilds forums to read posts I’d written that I didn’t think were really anything special at all, and best of all, asking me if they can share them with others.

Really I started out convinced I’d always be a big noob…. and I still am. I still learn things from other players, guildies, friends, even other Bloggers. But I am finding out now that Im far more resourceful then I originally thought I was.

In the future for WotLK I am unsure of what to expect. Of course I will be leveling like everyone else. But I struggle when things change. I feel like I’m that Noob all over again and will never figure things out. Likely I will plow on with my guild regardless and we’ll learn the content together. I imagine I will likely ride the tide of the flood of people itching to get into endgame and with the advent of 25’s OR 10’s I’m sure everyone will get to be where they want to be!

Some things I have accomplished:

  • I’ve seen most old world raids on time, Up to princess HuHu in AQ40
  • I’ve managed to Exalted with nearly every faction in the game
  • I’ve leveled fishing and cooking on at least 1 toon
  • I’ve Attuned an entire guild of 150 people to Molten Core, in ONE shot
  • I’ve helped more then 200 others gain thier Onyxia attunement
  • I’ve seen Zones and Places I shouldnt have, including Hyjal, GM Island and Old Ironforge
  • I have downed every World Dragon

Some things I hope to achieve in the future

  • A 70 of every class
  • Reaching the gold cap on at least one toon
  • Having a full set for all three specs for my paladin
  • Seeing Illidan bite the big one
  • Leveling to 80 in a timely manner for a change
  • See one of the Kings/Queens of a major city go down

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