Its A Mixed Bag!

Alright so I admit juggling the kids and WoW and keeping the house clean is a little tougher then I suspected it would be, but I shall prevail! Its been a couple of days since my last post and I apologize for that. So here’s the scoop on stuff going on lately:

  • They made me their leader!
  • Discussion of the new abilities currently tested in Beta
  • It doesn’t matter how long I’m gone, they’re not going to forget me
  • Success in the LNT

They made me their leader!

My friends will tell you they saw that coming. Hell I saw it coming. I don’t know what it is that where ever I go I get put into a leadership position but it seems to always happen. I guess im a people person. Ale and Arms was so kind as to grant me officership in the guild and charge me with helping to lead the LNT group. I’ve been recruiting heavily and lately have been leading runs in our other officer’s absence. I’m quite excited though, despite my original desire to, “lay low”. There is real potential here and it just might be able to get off the ground.

Discussion of the new abilities in Beta

If you take a gander at and scroll half way down you’ll see the posted patch notes for the current beta test. Posted there are some topics of major discussion for my guild. There are many concerns over the changes to the Paladin tank, and the removal of blessing of sanctuary. Also Righteous Fury says it increase threat generated by holy spells by 90 percent! That’s insane! There has been a lot of debate of what the Paladin tank will turn into but I think we’ll have to wait for more information before we can start to get a clear view. Shaman have also been a hot topic, but its excitement. Totems going raid wide and Windfury becoming a 20 percent base haste increase that is constant rather then a proc is a favorite among our melee.

It doesn’t matter how long I’m gone, they’re not going to forget me

I stopped playing my warlock last September, and traded over to the Alliance. Once I had disbanded my long running guild the tell hell became ten fold worse and I just wanted to be left alone. I had thought enough time would have passed and I’d have been forgotten, but it wasn’t the case. I logged in and 6 people immediately messaged me, and more after that. I did some SSO dailies just to try my lock out again, and then logged out. While I miss her, I’m not sure I can ever return to her full time. The expansion will decide her fate I’m sure.

Success in the LNT

I’ve been recruiting my butt off lately for our LNT team. I even went so far as to pull a no-no and post recruitment on other realm forums. (To justify it, we’re literally playing in the middle of the night, there aren’t many that can raid that hour). However its paid off. We had enough people log on and eager to go to run two Kara’s again. 5 more people and I’d have tossed em into Mag’s or something. Its looking promising and I’m excited to see it pay off! I have a lot of work to do first but we’re getting there! Wish us luck!

I’m also working on a post in my head that will be far more interesting then my daily rantings (I hope!) 😛 Stay tuned.


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