Being Part of the Crew

For a long time now, nearly a year, I’ve been hanging out on the Alliance side, trying to keep low profile and you know, just enjoy the game. And in the past year I have found again the things I enjoyed about it. However for long periods in there I would find myself not doing much at all, quite like Dechion has been. Over time I hadn’t noticed my lack luster playing until recently, when someone asked me to tank for them on my Paladin, who is usually holy in recent days… and she was still Prot from a failed Kara run over a week ago. I hadn’t moved her or touched her. Well I fired her up last night, took her back to the holy tree and headed over to help out on the Black Temple run for the guild’s evening group.

Ususally you will not see me on Eve’s runs. Its a little bit earlier in the day then I’d like it to be, and quite honestly, its a little more ridged then I like. But they do get thier progression done. This was my first adventure into BT and we were facing Supremus. I admit I did not read or look at any strategies before hand, since this was a fly by invite. So I tried to understand what they were explaining and Im just healing, so spam away right? Wrong! This fight is heavily enviromental. The orginal strat they came up with had us walking side by side in a straight line kiting him down the hill. This failed miserably. The second strat they tried, I like to call it, “We Just Knocked Over A Liqour Store, SCATTER!” simply because that’s what we were told to do, “Scatter scatter scatter!” This method was looking good. We got him down to three percent, when he caught on a seige weapon and evaded back into reset.

I thought this would have pissed off the raid, but no, they pressed on with little complaint. He eventually fell to us for the second time in guild history and we were left with 45 mins to explore the trash for the next boss. This was uncharted grounds so for the most part, the raid was really over. Now we’re just goofing off.

Well we made it to the next boss who wasn’t terribly far at all. Shade of Akama. None of us knew what to expect. To me, it sounded like a mix between the Nefarian fight and Mag’s Lair. Whatever though, Im good to stand here in the middle and spam those heals that by now, are so obviously undergeared compared to the other Eve healers. So we ask a few questions that no one really knows the answers to and then we start. I have my heal focus target, our MT and I dare not look away from him. I spam my heals, and in a whole a two minutes, I hear the cheers ring out of victory. Wait, what? We one shotted him? Yes, yes we really did! I personally would have to say that is the easiest boss fight I’ve seen in a long time, but it could just be all that leet DPS gear the casters and whatnot have earned over time. Either way, it was great to be part of a first time kill for the guild, and for just a moment there, reminded me of excatly why I love this game.


4 thoughts on “Being Part of the Crew

  1. Nifty-ifty downing of happiness! Congratulations on the expected first down. Shade isn’t ridiculously difficult, if you can handle those damned adds that keep showing up throughout the fight.

    I usually had tunnel-vision when I did that fight on my healer, so doing it on my hunter recently made me feel a little more aware.

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