A Call To Arms

I think I mentioned breifly that I retired from leading guilds and settled into Alliance territory in a guild called Ale and Arms. This guild so far has been a good match for myself and my husband. They have two teams that run at different times, an Evening Team and a Late Night Team. Seeing as I live in Alaska and this is an Eastern Standard Time Server, the Late Night works out well for me. However its not just me here. When I decided to depart from my long time love, my Warlock, and the Horde, I brought along 7 good friends I’d made along the way, including Dechion.

When I first applied us to our guild, the times seemed great for all involved. Dechion, Kheldorn, Phoshizzle and Dayzie could all make the Evening times, and Myself, Zerehemnah (the husband), Frozenblack, Hucksluck and Holymama could all make the Late Night. Even though this split us, it offered opportunites to the group to see content they hadn’t before.

Well, at least, so I thought.

Seems to be that nothing has gone according to plan. Dayzie has left our server to return to her horde character. Dechion and Phoshizzle have not recieved many (if any) opportunites to raid with the guild, and Phoshizzle is about to deploy for a month. Kheldorn has been tied up with school but overall is not thrilled with the leadership here. As for Late Night, Hucksluck and Holymama only recently reached 70 so have not yet begun thier adventure into any content. Frozenblack, myself and Zerehemnah are the only ones who have actively raided with our new guild.

But of course, in a guild there is always something dramra-ific going on. For one reason or another despite successes in raiding, quite a few Late Night members have stopped showing up, or left guild, and one even transferred off the server. So we are back at square one again. We’ve been asked to step up, and help out. We are actively recruiting but are not very optomistic that we will find many to join our ranks at such a late hour.

So, that leads me to wonder what I should do for my friends and I. Currently I aim to hang out, as I am not a fan of guild hopping. However I do not wish to remain here if the others are not content. All in all im not sure anymore what the best route for us will be. So cross your fingers for us that all turns out well in the end.


2 thoughts on “A Call To Arms

  1. Raid, quest, farm, grind, even PVP, what I am doing matters much less than who I am hanging with.

    I play to hang out with friends, so long as my friends are around I am happy where ever I hang my hat.

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