It’s The End Of The World (of Warcraft) As We Know It…

This is a shared topic for the week Initated by Larisa and based on a 20 question interview posted by Matticus. He asks:

Let’s hypothetically assume Blizzard goes out of business and decides to shut down their servers and WoW for good. You have 5 hours before the server shutdown is permanent. What would you do in 5 hours?

So WoW is coming to an end. I’ve read a few posts about this now and I am noticing a lot of people have the same idea, “lets throw together one last raid and call it good”. While this sounds like fun, I know myself better then that. So I shall compare my last five hours of WoW to the Five Stages of Death. Each stage should take about an hour.

1. Denial — This would truely be my first reaction. I would go nuts in guild chat and in trade, talking about how this really can’t be happening to me. I’ve invested so much time into this game that it couldn’t possibly just be taken away. Its not April but this had better be a joke! So the first hour would prolly consist of me /dancing in Shatt, talking endlessly to friends and strangers alike. I would also likely log every toon and add up the amount of my life I’d wasted sitting here. (I know its well over a year!) Which would trasistion me to stage two.

2. Anger — Ah anger. Something I’ve never really had the capacity to hold for very long. I think this would be an exception. Upon realizing the amount of my time I’d invested into this game, I’d be livid. This would spurn me to do something spiteful. Things that would normally get me banned. I’d go throw a naked party on GM Island, break into Hyjal (again :P) and maybe exploit a few bosses…. simply because it wouldn’t matter anymore.  Once I’ve exerted all that anger I’d prolly be tired, and willing to make a deal… so stage three…

3. Bargaining — I’d write a few emails and/or tickets to Blizzard… offering up all my gold and epics for an extra day or two to feed my addiction. I mean, Im special right? I’ve been playing since release and they have many of my dollars to show for it. Why not just leave up one server for me and my friends. We wont tell anyone, honest. But of course they’d tell me no, so that leads to stage four…

4. Depression — I think I’d even cry a little. I’d start swapping emails and setting up a DOTA schedule until my friends and I could come up with a new game that we could all agree on. While this is going on my character is prolly still naked despite the WoW God’s denial and she’s sitting there spamming the world with “THE END IS NEAR”. Now we’re coming down on our last hour…

5. Acceptance — The final stage. WoW shuts down in one hour and I’ve just wasted four of them. I’d likely start a conga line in shatt and lead it around for a bit, throw in some PvP just to kill off a couple of folk, then strip down all my toons, sell everything I’ve got just to see what Im worth. When all thats said and done for the last five minutes I’d run my naked self into Org, ready to take on Thrall by myself. As the countdown started I’d enter his chamber, and as I was about to take the first (and likely only) swing, the screen would go dark. Never again to see the light of WoW.


4 thoughts on “It’s The End Of The World (of Warcraft) As We Know It…

  1. OMG, it almost seems like you already did all those things and came back to the past to tell us about it. Good stuff.

  2. Oh I loved this way of putting it into the stadiums of how crises develop… Great post! Now that I see you’ve decided to go for it I’ll definitly add you to my roll (though I have my doubts about the “mum” stuff, as I wrote in my last post… :))

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