To Tank or Not to Tank?

Now that we’re past the introductions, I feel it is time to get down to business. My first topic of discussion? Paladins. So far played this class has been the most work. Why might you ask? Well not only are the spec’s so incredibly different from each other, but also, the amount of gear for each spec is limited, and really, a pain in the butt to come by.

So far in my experiences, Paladin prot gear mostly comes from badges. With the additon of the Sunwell Badge Vendor there were some neat and very much needed upgrades available to us. There really are not many options for the Paladin Tank. (Well, except for the Paladin Tanks who think they are Warriors. This infuriates me, and is another topic for another day). The average Paladin needs 102.6 percent avoidance (Including thier holy shield) To become uncrushable. Acheiving this number is not all that terribly difficult, unless you are like me and like to push the bar as far as you can.

In my prot set, I didn’t just hit the run of the mill uncrit/uncrush… I also managed to get 18k Hitpoints in buffs, and a nice 450 spell damage. This made tanking a breeze, but was quite the challenge to achieve. I of course took my badge gear like a good pally should, but I also squeezed in some spell damage where ever I could, and got trinkets that did nothing for my avoidance, only added to my stamina and gave a proc. The gems were all avoidance gems to make up for the stats I lost in not having avoidance trinkets, and when everything was said and done, I had a fancy purple pixel protection set, and tanking became a breeze.

However, now the tables have changed, and my guild is in need of a healer. Being a hybrid class I decided it was time for a change of pace and stepped up to the challenge. I shelved my hard earned tanking gear and set out to earn some new shiny purples in which to heal. My first thought was that after all that number crunching for tanking and badge farming, surely healing would be much easier. And technically it is. Healing has two spells (Well three, with my racial of Gift of the Naaru). Spam and go, for the most part. But the gear farm, is about the same. There are a couple of nice items out of Kara that I can easily farm out, and with the addition of Season 2 Arena Gear available to purchase, I might invest in a shield. At least, until I see the one out of ZA. But being a Paladin healer has begged a new sort of debate… Mp5 or Spell Crit?

I was discussing this with my guild today. Some say that if I do not stack Mp5 I would never survive some fights like Lady Vashj or Kael. However others say that with talents, if I stack spell crit I will recieve mana back, and be fine. So far I decided to try the road less traveled, and went with crit. the Spell Crit gear seems to be easier to find, though also a badge farm quite like the prot set was. So far the choice in gear has served me well in Kara, ZA, and one encounter in Mount Hyjal. But I assume more testing will be required to achieve an accurate opinion in all. I will have to find more places to read up on the spell crit vs. Mp5 idea, and share them here when I have more information.

As for Ret? Lawl. I haven’t a clue. So far Ive not really given it a try, and when I do, it will likely be in PvP as currently, the guild does not seem to use them much. Eventually I will piece together all of my knowledge on this wonderful hybrid class and post a guide. Until then, you advice is appreciated.


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