Evolution of the UI

***Disclaimer*** Ive written this post three times now. For some reason when I add the pictures it screws up the post, So the pictures will be added to the bottom under the text. Each picture is small, but you can click on it for a larger view.

Im about as addicted to UI’s as I am to creating new toons. Each time I’ve tried out a new UI or Addon it seems to have taught me something new about the game. Not everyone enjoys them, I know. My husband for example would never stray from the Blizzard UI except to carry only the mods that our guild requires to raid. Even then he’s never happy about having to keep and update extra addons. He’s pretty set using his keybinds to heal and that works for him.

Me on the other hand? I like the flashy, the organized and the having all of my spells out so I can click them setup. This leads me to admit that yes, I am a clicker. I do occasionally use keybinds and macros, and they too work well. There’s just something about a mouse though. I prefer it, and I hope to stick to it. Even for my rogue, which in my opinion is button mashing at its best, I still use the mouse for.

For the most part though my UI has changed many times over the years, the list of core addons I use have not. Some of them (but not all) include:

Altas Loot Enchanced

I’ve seen entire compliations for UIs that guilds create and mandate for thier players to use. This is an intresting idea, and would be a good one except in my experiences in leading a guild I’ve learned that not everyone is computer literate. I also hugely support the use of Voice Over IP programs. While not mods, they are certainly helpful to any guild hoping to progress in the virtual world. I’ve played breifly with the Blizzard VOIP program, but was not impressed by it at all. I wish I could develop a UI for the masses, but I lack the kind of knowledge it takes. In setting up these UI’s and trying them out though I’ve learned a lot about each individual addon.

So basically in my opinion I’m PRO UI. I hope that anyone who reads this blog, and sees this UI will maybe give them a shot. While my UI changes constantly, my current one is easy to use as it pretty much sets itself up. I received no errors when I installed it and the only ones I added to it were Pallypower, Decursive, and Clique, You can find the download for this UI here.


3 thoughts on “Evolution of the UI

  1. I am still pretty new to the whole UI customization thing, primarily using the default stuff. There will come a time really soon however that I will be picking your brain to help me with a hunter UI.

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